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5+ stars for Fault Line by H. N. Hirsch #mystery #murdermystery #newrelease #mustread

Title: Fault Line

Author: H. N. Hirsch

Genre: Murder Mystery

Book Blurb:

Newly minted 25-year-old lawyer Bob Abramson joins the DA's office in San Diego and soon finds himself leading an investigation into the politically charged murder of the mayor's husband, a powerful, wealthy developer with far too many secrets for his wife's political ambitions.

Bob's first encounter with murder occurred four years previously, when his roommate, the scion of an old Boston family, was murdered and the case was investigated by the victim's Harvard professor, Marcus George. As the investigation developed, Bob and Marcus, naturally, fell in love.

Now, Bob has completed law school and landed a job as an Assistant District Attorney in San Diego, and Marcus has accepted a new position at UC San Diego. As they settle in to their new home, they're thrust into the investigation and its political ramification, and they find that a gay subculture roils much of southern California's placidly straight surface.

My Review:

Written in the classic style of James Ellroy, Fault Line is a murder mystery you won't soon forget.

With a full cast of characters, a scenic setting, plus a laundry list of suspects, I couldn't stop reading until the dramatic conclusion.

Fans of L.A. Confidential will enjoy this political murder mystery.

My Rating: 5+ stars

Buy it Now:

Author Biography:

New release from H. N. Hirsch: Fault Line, the second in the Bob & Marcus Mystery Series! Coming June 1, 2023.

H. N. Hirsch is a political scientist and just-retired university professor as well as an accomplished writer.

Born in Chicago and educated at the University of Michigan and Princeton, Hirsch has taught at Harvard, the University of California-San Diego, Macalester College, and Oberlin, where he served as Dean of the Faculty and is now the Erwin N. Griswold Professor of Politics Emeritus.

He is the author of The Enigma of Felix Frankfurter (“brilliant and sure to be controversial,” The New York Times), A Theory of Liberty, and the memoir Office Hours (“well crafted and wistful,” Kirkus), as well as numerous articles on law, politics, and constitutional questions.

Reviewed by: Nancy


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