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Felice, Shield-Mates of Dar Book One by D. V. Stone is a New Year, New Books Fete pick #freebie #free #romanticfantasy #shifterromance #giveaway

Title: Felice, Shield-Mates of Dar Book One


Author: D. V. Stone


Genre: Romantic Fantasy


Book Blurb:


Enter a fantasy world of exhilarating adventure, political intrigue, and fiery romance.


Felice of Dar, a warrior and panther-shifter, is resilient, fighting for family and kingdom. She refuses to surrender to anyone or anything, but when a diplomatic mission to the human realm goes astray, she’s wounded and struggling for control.


Ayer is a man who thinks he is a charming prince. However, behind his back, people call him Prince Arrogant. When he meets Felice, Ayer resorts to deception about his true identity, setting off a chain of lies and mistrust. As he gets to know Felice, he desperately wants her respect and realizes he needs to earn it.


Sparks fly, and passions ignite. Will Ayer be able to get Felice to trust him again, or will his arrogance continue to get in the way? War is looming. Can the pair put their differences aside to save their people and, in turn, find love epic enough to heal broken hearts?


Find out in this gripping tale of love, trust, and redemption.




Thick fog muffled the horses’ hoof beats on the final leg of their journey toward Sorota. The normal sound of city life was absent. An unnerving silence blanketed them as Felice’s bay mare followed behind Nolan’s dapple grey. There was no noise coming from the city. The hair on her neck stood up. “Lord Nolan, do you feel something amiss?”


 He looked over his shoulder, a bland, patient expression on his face, and said, “Princess Felice, we do not act on feelings. We act on learning and knowledge. Feelings should never enter into diplomacy.”


Passing through the gates of Sorota, more humans joined the escort leading them down a narrow-cobbled street toward the Overseer’s dwelling. Through the thick fog, gas lamps cast shuttered houses and shops along the street in an eerie yellow glow. Other than the soldiers who escorted them, there were no other signs of the population.


Outwardly she assumed a placid demeanor, but she couldn’t tamp down her instincts. The panther in her hadn’t emerged yet, but Felice’s nerves clawed at her insides. Glancing from side to side, she kept a close eye on the men of Sorota. A bead of sweat rolled down the nearest, though the day was cool and damp. She smelled acrid anxiety in some and citrusy excitement in others.


Inside, her heart beat faster. Fingers itched to reach for her sword, unable to shake the feeling something was about to go wrong.


Her mare pranced sideways and snorted. Whirls of vapor rose from the horse’s nose into the chilled air.


She caressed the horse’s neck, attempting to soothe the mare. “Easy, Arundel, I feel it too. We will keep our eyes open,”


The mare’s ears toggled, and she snorted again.


Nolan glared at Felice over his shoulder. “Control your emotions, Princess. They are affecting your horse.”


She straightened in her saddle, focused her eyes ahead, and attempted yet again to push down dread roiling through her stomach.


Waiting in the courtyard of the overseer’s manor were more soldiers. These were even rougher than the ones who escorted them through the city.


They dismounted, and two young grooms hurried forward to take the reins. Felice hesitated before releasing Arundel to them.


“Lord Nolan,” she whispered under her breath. “Something is not right. Do you not feel it?”


“Hush.” He shook his head, negating her worries.


“This way, Darrians,” A brusque command came from a black-armored guard. “The overseer awaits.”


Nolan, who acted under the security of the king’s authority, didn’t question the large contingent of guards when they entered the cavernous hall of Overseer Gedeon. The arrogance of his position was their downfall. Not until they were behind the large, barred doors did his brow furrow in concern. Still, he said nothing.


 But Felice loosened the strap on her knife and reached behind under her cloak to slacken her sword leather.


After being more herded rather than led, Felice and Nolan were pushed through a door into the Sorotan’s meeting room.


“That is not Gedeon, but his brother Dunbar,” Nolan whispered into her ear. “Be careful. He is a very dangerous man.”


“Kill him and seize the female!” Dunbar shouted, and before the Darrians could respond, Nolan was struck down.


Several knives pierced his body. Regret was replaced with the glaze of death as he muttered, “I am sorry, my lady.”


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It’s a brand-new year, full of possibilities. Did you make any resolutions/goals for 2024? If so, please share one.


I have several goals this year. Adding states to my travel map hanging in my camper. Baking bread in my cast iron over the open fire. And last but not least my writing goal this year is to finish book three of the Shield-Mates Series.


Why is your featured book a must-read in 2024?


Felice: Book one of the Shield-Mates is a fantasy romance with magic, mayhem, and family devotion. As a reviewer said, “Marvelous world building in battle between warriors who become lovers.”


Giveaway –


One lucky reader will win a $75 Amazon gift card



Open internationally.


Runs January 1 – 31, 2024


Drawing will be held on February 1, 2024. 


Author Biography:


D. V. Stone is an award-winning, multi-genre, traditionally and independently published author. She writes books people want to read. Whether romance or fantasy, her stories are about the importance of friends and family. About overcoming obstacles while doing it with humor. 


I love to read books of all kinds. This passion began at a very early age. My mom will tell you I never played with toys like dolls or blocks. Toddling around there was always a book in my hand. From the Little Golden books of childhood, I grew into children's literature like Heidi and Black Beauty. Then came the horse books. Seabiscuit and War Admiral. Misty of Chincoteague was a particular favorite. Animal books have always been one of my go-to genre. All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot started me on a series that I still return to from time to time.


J. R. R. Tolkien is one of my inspirations as a fantasy author along with C. S. Lewis. But in my heart, I love romance in all its sub-genres. I found these gems in my late teens when I passed a bookstore on my way to work from high school in Minnesota. Living on a dairy farm was tough. My dad had a heart condition and died of cardiac arrest when he was 37 years old. I was 17. My mom and I ran the farm while taking care of the younger kids. We didn't make a lot of money farming. I had a part-time job to help make ends meet.


Romance novels became my escape. They always had a happy ending and took me away from the troubles of life.  Through the years books have been my constant companions and I often revisit my old friends, as well as make new ones. My dream is that you will find the same things in the books I write.


Life is tough. Love can be hard. But with hope, we can get through.


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