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5+ stars for Felicity’s Fortune by Award-Winning @KaraONealAuthor #historicalromance #westernromance

Title: Felicity’s Fortune – Gamblers & Gunslingers – Book 2

Author: Kara O’Neal

Genre: Historical Western Romance

Book Blurb:

Felicity Capwell Archer had no idea she'd married a thief and a killer. And even though she's the one who turns him in, people still think she helped her former husband steal and is now hiding the money. To protect herself from the repercussions and attacks, she hires Butch Wilder. Gambler. Gunslinger. And a giant who hides a heart of gold.

Butch Wilder grew up on the streets of New Orleans, learning how to fight, how to gamble and how to use a Colt .45 with deadly precision. When Felicity begs him to protect her family, she's too damned pretty and too intriguing to turn down. Determined to avoid any emotional attachments and to keep it purely professional, Butch takes the job. But he finds himself sitting down to nice meals, walking her children to school and being part of a family for the first time.

Only by finding and returning the stolen loot can Felicity and her daughters ever truly be safe. Following clues she deciphers from her former husband’s letters, Felicity and Butch travel to the outlaw-infested Hell's Half Acre. It's madness, but Butch will do anything to protect Felicity. Even if it means his life.

My Review:

Felicity sent her criminal husband to the gallows but in order to be truly free, she must find the stolen loot and return it to the victims. Felicity is shocked when she uncovers her husband is a wanted thief and killer. He robs and kills without any remorse. Working with the law, she sets up a trap and they arrest him. After the trial, men and women attack Felicity and her two young daughters. People think she knows where the stolen money and jewelry are hiding and they want what’s theirs. The only problem is she has no idea where her former husband hid the ill-gotten gains. She hires Butch, a gambler and gunslinger, to protect herself and her family. He’s a brute of a man with a heart of gold. Butch makes her feel so many emotions, including love. He helps her with her investigation and even travels with her to the hornet’s nest to obtain the loot. But she’s fallen in love with a gunslinger… does he feel the same? When her life is in peril, will he rescue her before it’s too late?

Felicity’s Fortune is a riveting historical western romance from start to finish. This is my first book by this author, and I have to tell you, I couldn’t stop reading it. I read late into the night because the writing hooked me like a fish. I connected with both Felicity and Butch right away. Felicity is a woman of her own means through an inheritance, protective of her two daughters, a victim of domestic abuse from her criminal husband, and someone with great passion simmering just below the surface. Her strength is what gets her through all these trials, and it is this fortitude I admire greatly. Butch is tormented by his childhood and who his mother was. He’s a good man who has a heart of gold but doesn’t think he deserves love. He’s a hero to root for and that is exactly what you’ll do. The plot moves at an excellent pace with plenty of angst, descriptive narration, and a full cast of characters to interact with. The writing is exquisite with descriptive narration, historical accuracy, action scenes so realistic you’ll be dodging bullets, and an unexpected romance to melt your heart. Felicity’s Fortune reads like a classic western movie and firmly belongs on my reread shelf. If you love historical western romance, you’ll want to read Felicity’s Fortune. If strong heroines fighting for what’s right is your reading jam, pick up Felicity’s Fortune. A brilliant historical western romance I couldn’t put down, Felicity’s Fortune is your next book to read. I look forward to reading more from Kara O’Neal. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Award-winning author, Kara O’Neal is a teacher and lives in Texas with her husband and three children She writes stories with strong family ties, lots of romance and guaranteed happy endings! Please visit her at

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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Jan Sikes
Jan Sikes
05 de ago. de 2022

Love this!


03 de ago. de 2022

Thank you so much! I have tears in my eyes!

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