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5 stars for Followers of the Owl by @Mghernandez110 #magicalrealism #newadult #diverse #bookreview

Title: Followers of the Owl: Book 2 of the Wakefield Chronicles (The Wakefield Mystery Series)

Author: M.G. Hernandez

Genre: Magical Realism, Mystery, New Adult Thriller, Diversity Books

Book Blurb:

"Loved it! If you want to marvel at brilliant creativity, this is the book for you." ~ Reitumetse Mokoena, reviewer for Reedsy Discovery "This is an author to look out for." ~Crossroads Review A girl and a boy, haunted by their past, must battle their personal demons to fight the evil hiding in plain sight. Eighteen-year-old Dee Bailey works hard on her personal brand. She's intelligent and passionate about her community. To her peers, she's a great friend and everyone's favorite social butterfly. But when alone, she's terrorized by a secret that leaves her cowering to the floor. Until one night, a mysterious girl in white appears on the manicured lawn of her family's vacation home. She follows the robed figure into the woods with no clue that she's about to change the course of her future. Meanwhile, Brandon Cuenca is drowning in the weight of his self-sabotage. Mourning the death of his girlfriend, he throws himself deep into a world of drug binges and questionable life choices—until the news of another disappearance of a Wakefield teenager forces him to set his problems aside. The victim was the third girl abducted in their social circle. But when a chance encounter lands him in her path, he learns that bringing her home is more complicated than finding her. What happens when the missing doesn't want to be found? Followers of the Owl explores greed, avarice and the human need to find light in the darkness. Trigger Warnings: Use of profanity, drug use/alcohol use, no sex but brief sexual interactions, dysfunctional relationships, brief discussions of triggering topics: sexual/physical abuse

My Review:

Stay away from the girl in white or you’ll be next. Evil lurks among the residents of Dee’s town and she’s about to discover what terror means. On the outside, Dee loves life, her town, and her friends. She’s bright, caring, and very sociable. No one knows the anguish she feels or realizes the abuse she experiences. Both sides are a part of Dee, yet she doesn’t know how to overcome her inner demons. One night, she sees a girl in white on the lawn of her parents’ vacation home. She follows the girl into the woods, not realizing the consequences of her actions. What happens next will spiral Dee into a world foreign to her. Is she in peril, like the others who have disappeared? Her life is changed again when Brandon appears and wants to take her home. She doesn’t want to go home but she likes spending time with Brandon. He makes her feel things she’s never felt never. Is it love or something else? Can two tormented souls find solace in each other?

Followers of the Owl is something I’ve never read before. Part dark fiction, part fantasy, part magical realism, part new adult, Followers of the Owl defies genres and shares a story that’ll yank out your heart before gingerly placing it still beating in your chest. The character-driven plot moves at a good pace with deep emotional narration. The diverse characters add such depth to this story. The world-building is intricate and very creative. While the world-building is believable, it also has an imaginative feel. Without a doubt, Followers of the Owl is an immersive read. Fantasy readers rejoice, this is your next fan favorite. If magical realism is your reading jam, pick up Followers of the Owl. I look forward to reading more from this author.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

M.G. Hernandez is currently based in Honolulu, but spent her developing years in Bay Area, California. She has her bachelors in social welfare from University of California, Berkeley and a masters in social work from University of Hawaii, Manoa. Her passion for advocacy and the community led to her lifelong journey as a social worker. It’s this career path that made her fully aware of the human condition, its strength and resilience in the face of adversity. These qualities are often found in the characters she creates in her work.

If she’s not reading novels or dreaming about plots to write, she’s hanging out with her beach-loving husband, two amazing teenage sons and three grumpy guinea pigs.

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N. N. Light
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