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5 stars for Ghost Mountain Ranch Box Set by @romancerider #westernromance #romanticmystery

Title: Ghost Mountain Ranch Box Set

Author: Jan Scarbrough

Genre: Contemporary Western Romance, Romantic Mystery

Book Blurb:

Three Ghost Mountain Ranch series books in one book.

Will the revelation of more shocking secrets from the past destroy their hopes for the future? The Ghost Mountain Ranch series is a good blend of mystery and romance.

DARBY: What is the truth behind the death of Darby’s mother? When the past once again intrudes on the present, will Darby do what she’s always done—what her mother did—and run away? Grief and secrets had torn Darby and Hank apart once. Given a second chance at love, will the revelation of more shocking secrets from the past destroy their hopes for the future?

SLADE: Someone knows the truth about the part Ghost Mountain Ranch played in Laurie’s life, and the terrible consequences of that past. But when the ghosts of the past threaten the lives of the living, will their growing attraction be enough to protect Slade and Laurie?

KELSEY: But something dark is happening at Ghost Mountain Ranch, where the past is reaching out in dangerous ways to haunt the living. Max is not only stirring up old feelings in Kelsey, but old secrets of the ranch’s inhabitants. Secrets someone might be willing to kill to keep. Can they finally lay the old ghosts to rest, or will the echoes of a decades-old murder destroy their second chance at love?

FYI - Three books in the Ghost Mountain Ranch series in one book. All three books need to be read to understand the complete mystery. Three books in the series were published two years ago.

My Review:

This is the family saga of family sagas. You have so much family presented in this boxset, you will never run out of them. You have loving family, then you have estranged family. You have criminal family, then you have evil family. You have grumpy family, then you have pushy family. Pick your fave and enjoy!

There are three separate romances that carry each of the three books. You have the mom in book one. You have the son in book two. You have the daughter in book three. If there had been guessing before I can reveal the daughter is the pushy family.

The mystery of what really happened at Ghost Mountain Ranch will keep the reader glued through all three books. The character development and rich backstories are delightful to read. The romances come across as heartfelt and real.

Anyone who has ever had issues with members of their family will enjoy these books. Anyone who enjoys horses and romance will enjoy these books. If you read the first book of this four-part series, you will have to get your hands on this box set. A fine addition to the very popular family saga genre that won't disappoint.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

The author of two popular Bluegrass romance series, Jan writes heartwarming contemporary stories about home and family, single moms, and children. Living in the horse country of Kentucky makes it easy for Jan to add small town, Southern charm to her books and the excitement of a Bluegrass horse race or a competitive horse show.

The Ghost Mountain Ranch series is a contemporary western series with a good blend of mystery and happily-ever-after romance. The Dawsons of Montana is another four-book contemporary western series.

Jan leaves her contemporary voice behind with two paranormal gothic romances, Timeless and Tangled Memories, a Romance Writers of America (RWA) Golden Heart finalist. Her historical romance, My Lord Raven, is a medieval story of honor and betrayal.

A member of Novelist, Inc., Jan self-publishes her books with her husband’s help.

Jan lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with one rescued dog, one rescued cat, and a husband she rescued twenty-three years ago.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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