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5+ stars for Ghosts of New England: Skullery Bay by Collected Authors #pnr #romance #bookreview

Title: Ghosts of New England: Skullery Bay

Genre: Paranormal Historical Romance, Ghosts, Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:

Nearly seven hundred pages, filled with pirates, romance, and a pair of ghostly lovers you won't soon forget! An anthology unlike any other... 4 Different Centuries 4 To-Die-For Romances The Same 2 Ghosts! Widow’s Walk (1737) RITA nominee & Best Selling Author, Lisa A. Olech He’s the infamous pirate, Captain John Jacob Wilder. She’s the daughter of his fiercest enemy. Their love is the beginning of the legend. Cast to the Wind and Waves (1837) Best Selling & Award-Winning Author, Kathryn Hills She’s the heiress determined to restore Fairwinds to its former glory. He’s the solicitor working as a caretaker because of the deadly curse. Their love will rebuild the legend. The Bootlegger’s Daughter (1924) Best Selling & Award Winning Author, Nancy Fraser She’s the daughter of one of the FBI’s most wanted criminals. He’s her bodyguard, and not at all what he seems. Their love will return dignity to the legend. Jilly’s Dilemma (Present Day) Best Selling & Award-Winning Author, Nancy Fraser She’s the new owner of Fairwinds, a flaky artist who talks to ghosts. Repeatedly. He’s the staid, young professor there to document Fairwinds' history. Their love will make you believe in the legend.

My Review:

Can four unlikely couples find what their hearts desire most? In this epic anthology, romance readers get their fill of pirate romance, historical romance, and contemporary romance with a gothic, paranormal vibe. The stories are riveting, intoxicating and exceptional.

Widow’s Walk – Wow, what an unforgettable story from start to finish! I connected with the characters on so many levels. My heart went out to this couple. The descriptive narration draws the reader in. The romance is angsty but full of passion. The tragic ending broke my heart. This author is a gifted writer because I loved it so much, I dreamed about it. Brilliant and a must-read! 5+ stars

Cast to the Wind and Waves – I had high expectations for this story and Kathryn Hills exceeded them with ease. A poignant historical romance with a gothic vibe. There are certain characters I despised and wanted bad things to happen to them. Each character is so well written, I grew attached to them. The spooky vibe is understated yet adds so much to the enjoyment of the story. The romance is a bit slow-burn but very rewarding. The writing is impressive, considering this is a contemporary author writing historical. Every detail is historically accurate. A breathtaking romance not to be missed! 5+ stars

The Bootlegger’s Daughter – The more I dive into this anthology, the better it gets. Nancy Fraser has penned an outstanding roaring 20s romance blending historical romance with paranormal elements. The characters are so believable, they fly off the page. I couldn’t get enough of this couple. Even though he’s her bodyguard, there’s an almost destined element to their love. The legend grows in this tale and it’s addictive to read. I thoroughly enjoyed the antics of the ghostly couple. The writing makes this an unputdownable read. I couldn’t read fast enough. 5+ stars

Jilly’s Dilemma – In the final story of this massive anthology, we come full circle. It’s a modern-day romance between a free-spirited artist and a historian trying to document the stories history of this property. An unlikely pair, sparks fly as they unravel the truth behind the hauntings. Nancy Fraser pens an incredible conclusion filled with paranormal occurrences, research, hidden clues, and the greatest treasure of all: love. Emotions run rampant throughout this story and the ending took my breath away. I loved reading it and will reread it again and again. 5+ stars

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Lisa A. Olech

Lisa is an artist/writer living in her dream house nestled among the lakes in New England. She loves getting lost in a steamy book, finding the perfect pair of sexy shoes, and hearing the laughter of her men. Being an estrogen island in a sea of testosterone makes her queen. She believes in ghosts, silver linings, the power of a man in a tuxedo, and happy endings.

Nancy Fraser

Award-winning author Nancy Fraser has been writing since the early 1990s. Published since 1996, she writes in multiple romance genres. From sweet 1960’s vintage romance, to paranormal/time travel, to sizzling erotic romance, she never knows where her muse will take her.

When she’s not writing (which is almost never), Nancy loves to travel with Las Vegas being her favored destination. Nancy lives in Atlantic Canada where she enjoys the relaxed pace and colorful people.

Kathryn Hills

The rich history and many mysteries of New England are the perfect backdrop for Kathryn’s books. Winding roads lined by old stone walls, forgotten cemeteries, grand homes with shadowy pasts...all sparks for her imagination. Whether it’s a quaint seaside town or the vibrant city of Boston, it’s easy for this “hauntingly romantic” author to envision the past mingling with the present. Romance, time travel, ghosts, and magic... You’re off on a great adventure!

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Reviewed by: Nancy

Feb 06, 2023

I'm thrilled you enjoyed visiting Fairwinds, one of my all-time favorite haunted locations! Thank you so much for such a lovely review. Writing like this - across centuries with great author friends - was a real treat for me. And, as Nancy Fraser said, we cannot wait to share what's coming next with Ghosts of New England - Last Light Point! 👻


Nancy Fraser
Nancy Fraser
Feb 06, 2023

Mrs. N., thank you so much for this wonderful review. We're so glad you enjoyed our ghostly efforts. The ladies and I hope your readers will take advantage of our sale price on Ghosts of New England: Skullery Bay. Then, want to come back for more when we release Ghosts of New England: Last Light Point on March 27th. We'll be partying in the legendary Crowe's Nest Tavern with a host of ghosts!😁

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