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5 stars for His Salt and Her Flower by Finn Mott #poetry #poems #bookreview

Title: His Salt and Her Flower

Author: Finn Mott

Genre: Poetry


Book Blurb:


A personal navigation of bisexuality that intertwines internalized expectations and external system pressures, all through the lens of a traveler's recollection of experiencing different cultures and walks of life. His Salt and Her Flower is an undefinable existence of being that struggles to understand the way of the world to find their own voice through the poetry of a brave new talent. Every poem is an expression of brutal and radical honesty.


My Review:


A modern approach to poetry that is filled with angst and emotion.


One might see the poetry as reactionary, but it is simply one person's reaction to the world around them. This is a classic form of poetry. This could be very relatable to those who are young and yearn for the theoretical halcyon days of the early oughts?


There was a similar form of poetic expression that came about in the 80's. This was oft done by those who have reveled in the 60's and were taken aback by the 80's. You can see a similar fire here in this poetry that existed then.


If you are a fan of modern poetry with strong themes, then you will enjoy this work. If you are unsettled about the state of the world today, then you will enjoy this work. An honest work that is all about self-expression with just a touch of outrage.


My Rating: 5 stars


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Author Biography:


Born and raised in the Vail Valley Colorado, Finn Mott's inspiration as a poet began when he was diagnosed with metastatic intercranial germinoma, which is just another way of saying brain and spinal cancer. Illness is a central theme in his writing, specifically acknowledging vulnerability as a strength instead of a stigmatized weakness. Another central theme to his work comes from identifying as bisexual, noting the bi-erasure, homophobia, and isolation often associated with existing beyond the heteronormative. Finn Mott is eloquent in his extraction of the disregarded, meanwhile interweaving personal anecdotes, sentience, and the inner turmoils of the mind. Finn plants seeds in the modern reluctance of acceptance for a future of equality. Finn writes with more than love but a responsibility to offer a voice of support, agency, and sentiment for those undergoing adversity.


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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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