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5 stars for I Hear the Black Raven: A Petite Memoir by @IshiAyetoro #memoir #bipolar #newrelease

Title: I Hear the Black Raven: A Petite Memoir

Author: Claire Ishi Ayetoro

Genre: Memoir, Bi-polar, Mental Illness

Book Blurb:

At 31 years of age, Claire Ishi Ayetoro has lived enough lives to fill an ensemble cast. In this, her first memoir, no topic is off-limits as she paints portrait after portrait of her triumphs and her battles with bipolar disorder, religiosity, and that ever-elusive cure-all: love. A vividly compassionate depiction of psychosis, Ayetoro weaves words of wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration into every layer of her storytelling. Journey with her through the mountains and valleys of manic depression, guided by that singular spirit of flight: the black raven. You never know, it may even be calling to you.

My Review:

A powerful memoir that is needed in today's troubled world. The author shows the courage of Rosa Parks in exposing her own struggles to the world. Mental health has become a focus in the last two years. Here the curtain is pulled back and you see the raw truth about suffering manic/depression with psychosis.

This book truly shows how being victimized as a child can create a schism in the human mind. The damage done to a psyche cannot be overestimated. This brilliant woman, with intelligence, drive, and skill in many fields was reduced to barely a shell because of her mental battles.

This book is important for every person who struggles with mental health concerns. By reading this, you will find you are not alone. Further, by reading this, you will see how far bad your life can be and you can still come back to living.

It took courage to write this and as raw and honest as it is, this is a truly inspirational book.

Trigger warnings - scenes of child abuse and suicidal thoughts could be disturbing.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Claire Ishi Ayetoro was born in southern Mississippi where she currently resides. She is an alumnus of Mississippi State University where she obtained her bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. She was diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder in 2014. Her book I Hear the Black Raven: A Petite Memoir is an intimate account of her experiences leading up to and following that diagnosis. Ayetoro is founder and owner of Equal Age, a media/merchandise company with the goals of raising awareness about human equality in all its forms and creating community among creatives and leaders for social change. Ayetoro is a human rights advocate and spends her free time as a mentor and coach.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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