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New Release | If Yesterday Could Talk by Sonja Gunter #romance #newrelease #bookboost

Title If Yesterday Could Talk

Author Sonja Gunter

Genre Contemporary Romance

Publisher Satin Romance


Book Blurb


A promise is a promise, right? Even if it was made twenty years ago.


Rane Schoen’s promise to marry the boy she met on an airplane is long forgotten.


Mark Christmenn, now the President and owner of his family coffee business, MAC Companies, plans on keeping the promise. Until his well-orchestrated and lonely life flashes in front of him, when he is shot by a drug cartel, who had been using his coffee bean shipments to smuggle drugs. He second guesses the old promise.


Chance brings the two of them together, but neither recognizes the other from twenty years ago. Will their sexual attraction be enough to fulfill the promise they made as kids?




The meeting.


How stupid. She couldn’t have lunch with Mark tomorrow. She had her meeting. Talk about having a blonde moment.


She was going to have to stop by his office and tell him she had to cancel tomorrow’s lunch date. Looking at her phone, she saw it was after seven. Leaving her office with her briefcase and purse, she came out into a very quiet reception area. Not sure if Mark had left, she moved around Mrs. Weber’s empty desk. A dim light peeked through his half-closed door.


There was no turning back now.


Moving with optimism, she stood at his door and pushed it a little. She saw him bent over, holding his head in his hand, looking at some papers at his desk. He seemed to be deep in thought. Before she lost her nerve, she knocked.


“Mr. Christmenn, I sent you an e-mail, about lunch tomorrow but I’m—”


The force of her knock caused the door to open further. He raised his head, and his blue eyes pierced the distance between them as if none existed. Without saying a word, he stood. He placed one hand in his pants pocket, brushed at his wayward hair with the other, and sauntered toward her.


She moistened her lips.


Oh my God, what a walk.


It was almost as good as Richard Gere’s in the movie, An Officer, and a Gentleman.


Mark had abandoned his suit coat and had unbuttoned a handful of buttons on his dress shirt, exposing his chest hair. The dress shirtsleeves were rolled up past his elbows showing his extremely bulky biceps.


Mmmm, mmmm. Eye candy for sure. She felt her heart pounding. Her breath caught in her throat as she tried to talk.


“I see you have your shoes on tonight,” Mark said.


Even though she knew she did, she glanced downward briefly. When she looked up in a trance-like state, he came to her. Stopping a couple of feet in front of her.


“Yes, I still want to have lunch with you.”


Her mouth went dry at his softly spoken words. She couldn’t say anything or swallow. His cologne, along with his masculine body standing less than a foot from her, was affecting her in ways she wasn’t prepared for, yet her body was inflamed by desire.


If falling in love was this invigorating, she’d definitely never experienced it before. When she’d fallen for David, it had been slow and comforting.


However, Mark was… Her mind went blank. She searched for words, but none came. Another tiny gasp escaped from her as his hand reached out to her.


Was he going to kiss her?


No, he couldn’t. He just couldn’t.


She’d forgotten to pop a breath mint in her mouth. It was Rule Number One for kissing. Always carry breath mints in your pocket in case.


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Author Biography


Born and raised in the cold and beautiful Minnesota, she escaped to Illinois for seventeen years to raise two boys, and now calls Florida home. She and her husband Andy, who’s always her hero, have a new family to worry about; Cookie, an Assui-Po dog and Chip, a ragdoll cat, that their sons compare to Eeyore.


She loves to travel, read, and bowl. You can catch her writing her next novel at the lanes. 


Sonja encourages you to visit for more info and don’t be surprised if she lets her Norwegian heritage come through in her stories.  You betcha!


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