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5 stars for Into the Alter: One Man/Two Worlds by @MatthewJSeaton2 #sciencefiction #bookreview

Title: Into the Alter: One Man/Two Worlds

Author: Matthew J. Seaton

Genre: Speculative Fiction/Science Fiction

Book Blurb:

Dylan Grady had everything. Then he lost it all.

After a difficult divorce, Dylan’s ex-wife, Corina, spun tales to turn his daughters against him. As they grew older, the lies took hold, and he struggled to maintain his relationship with his children. Dylan moved on, finding joy once again in a new family only to have it all fall apart when one of his children stumbles across his journal.

Their lives in a tailspin, both families collapse beneath the weight of revelation. Everything Dylan ever cared for crumbles before him.

Believing there is nothing left, Dylan chooses to enter a controversial project that promises to give him a new start: Alter-life. There, he finds a world of action and adventure, a new life restrained only by the limits of his imagination. But as Dylan soon discovers, it’s not so easy to escape from yourself.

My Review:

Into the Alter is a book about choices. This is a book about life. Life and the living thereof are all about choices. Here, the consequences are immense to each choice. Who do you marry? How long do you put up with it? Is it right for the children? Should you have children with a scion of Hades?

Dylan's life is based on bouncing off the consequences of his choices. When he makes the choice to choose the Alter life, the consequences follow him there.

Reading Into the Alter should be required for every person before they get into a serious relationship. The choices you make early in life could be defining for you long into the future. The simple choice of someone to get distracted looking at something and leaving a book out can create chaos. That is the underlying message here - be extremely mindful of your actions. The consequences of a thoughtless choice could put someone wrongfully in a little cell.

Thought-provoking and well-written, Into the Alter draws the reader in. A telling story that also speaks to the axiom, be careful what you wish for. Jarring at times, Into the Alter is a ruggedly revealing read that could benefit many.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Matthew J. Seaton is an American fictional novelist. He particularly enjoys writing science fiction and is the author of Into the Alter: One Man/Two Worlds. Writing puts him into a meditative trance, a stenographer detailing the action that unfolds within his mind. Matthew enjoys creating memorable characters and placing them within unique worlds loaded with drama, adventure, and intrigue. Matthew lives in New Jersey, is married, and has three beautiful children. He also has two dogs that fill his life with indescribable joy.

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Twitter Handle: @MatthewJSeaton2

Reviewed by: Mr. N


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