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My journey to publication took a little longer than most—I’m over 60 (not saying how far over)—but I’m as excited as I was when I published my first article in the Nosy Neighborhood News at age eleven. Perhaps that’s an understatement—I’m over the moon! It only took about fifty more years to land a contract for my first book. 


To be fair, I wasn’t trying for the first forty, I was using the left side of my brain managing my business. But about ten years ago, after spending most of my life making a living, I decided to make a life. I started putting words on paper, or cyber paper— scratches in a notebook, notes on loose scraps of paper, ramblings on my computer—that seemed to be forming a story. With the help of my critique group, various writing classes and some wonderful writing conferences, my first draft was transformed into something worthy of publication.


Or was it?  After knocking on many doors, i.e., querying by email and pitching in-person, The Wild Rose Press answered the door. My editor opened it juuuust wide enough to ask me to consider a few changes, then gently closed it again. Her suggestions were correct and after a few revisions, I tried again, and the door swung wide open.


I am now a “Rose” in a garden full of welcoming authors. I couldn’t be happier to share my publication journey with the wonderful people I’ve met on this journey.


If you’d like to know more about me or my path to publishing The Price of Secrets (April 2021) and Do You Take This Man? (September 2023) please check out my blog, You can also follow me on X (formerly twitter) at @JacquieRMay or find me on Facebook at Jacquie May Miller. 



Author:  Jacquie May Miller

Genre:  Mystery


Book Blurb: 


Two years ago, Jack Madison and Mary Bradley found each other. Both had suffered through difficult marriages and as Mary broke free from her abusive husband, Jack was recovering from the death of his wife.  Now these two are embarking on the final chapter of their lives as they marry on the bow of a cruise ship with family surrounding them on a sunny voyage to Mexico. It looks like they will finally have their ‘happily ever after’. What could possibly go wrong? With one family member objecting to their union and Mary’s ex-husband lurking behind the scenes waiting to crash the reception, plenty could—and does—go wrong.


Take a ride on The Queen of the Seas, following Jack and Mary on the path that could lead to someone’s final journey.




“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Mary Bradley? You can’t marry that son of a bitch. You’re still married to me!” Vern was moving closer, his six-foot-two frame closing the space between them far too quickly.


“What do you mean? We’ve been divorced for almost two years.”


“Not in the eyes of the church, we’re not. Catholics can’t get divorced. Don’t you remember your religious upbringing? You made me convert to your damn religion and now I’m cashing in on the Pope’s words.” Vern took another step toward the newlyweds.


“Hold it right there, Vern. I’ve got a big ass knife in my hand, so don’t come any closer or I’ll use it, I swear.” She pulled the knife free from Jack’s hand and raised it high. “You never gave a damn about the church when we were married. You don’t get to find religion when it’s convenient.”


“I got a piece of paper that says you’re going to be excommunicated if you leave me.”


“I don’t give two shits about the church anymore. They never gave me any help when you were using me for your personal punching bag. They can’t kick me out—I quit!”


“You’re surely going to hell, Mary.” He moved closer, obviously not afraid of the knife that was now within striking distance of his oversized beer gut.


“I lived in Hell for over forty years. The church might not agree, but the State says I’m rid of you, so get the hell out of here.” She lowered her hand.


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Author: Jacquie May Miller

Genre:   Women’s Fiction


Book Blurb: 


If Jamie Madison had never come home, her secret would have been safe, but safety it not in her DNA and now DNA is exactly what she will need to unravel her long-kept secret. Twenty-five years ago, right after she graduated from high school, this good girl made a bad decision, leaving her pregnant and wondering what she should do.


Her mother knew exactly what she should do: Don’t disgrace the family – have an abortion or get the hell out of Seattle and never come back. She chose the latter, using her scholarship to UC Berkeley to disappear for the next twenty-five years with the son she refused to abort.


But NOW everything has changed. Her mother has died, and she is coming home!! Home to face the father of her son.


Reuniting her son and his father will come at a high price though…Jamie has one more secret left to reveal.




If I had known I was going to die today, I would have chosen my underwear more carefully. Had my mother been around to help me dress this morning, she would have gladly offered her sage advice, something about looking my best in case I were in an accident. I might end up in a hospital or, God forbid, on the coroner’s table, so I should always be prepared. But Mom wasn’t here, so instead of the creamy silk camisole that once caressed my younger, smoother skin, I’d pulled my faded jeans and my old Cal Berkeley hooded sweatshirt over my well-worn undergarments and was now about to suffer the consequences of my mother’s, apparently correct, advice. Could she have been right about something? I had to give her this one…because I knew in my heart of hearts that this was it. Today was the day I was going to die.


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Social Media Links:

Twitter:      @JacquieRMay

Website:      www.jmaydaze.som


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 10

Thank you, Jacquie, for sharing your books and journey with us!

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