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5 stars for Keeper of My Dreams by @FurlongLeigh #historicalromance #scottishromance #bookreview

Title: Keeper of My Dreams

Author: Susan Leigh Furlong

Genre: Historical Romance, Scottish Romance

Book Blurb:

Reid Haliburton, a skilled gunsmith, resolves to keep his revolutionary handgun away from those who would abuse its power. But a vicious pirate decides the gun will be his. The price of refusing is Reid's life and those of his three young sons. Reid's only chance to save his sons is to send them away and face the pirate's wrath alone. Widowed Leena Cullane Adair is stunned to find the three lads hiding in her cart. Although she only met their father a week ago, he has wakened her interest in life and love. He holds her heart and her dreams, and she will do whatever it takes to keep him and his sons alive.

My Review:

Leena's heart is shriveled up after the death of her husband until a gunsmith and his three sons bring it back to life. Leena Cullane Adair bumps into handsome Reid Haliburton on the street and his kindness is like a salve to her broken heart. His touch tingles her skin and for the first time in years, she feels alive. A week later, she discovers Reid's three sons in her cart. Whatever is going on, she vows to take care of not only Reid's sons but him as well. She finds out Reid has crafted a deadly gun and the pirate who wants the gun at all costs threatens Reid's life as well as his sons' lives. Leena's resolve to do whatever is necessary to keep the man she's grown to love and his sons alive strengthens her, Reid is the keeper of her dreams.

Keeper of my Dreams is a breathtaking historical romance I couldn't put down. From the beginning, I found myself whisked away to 16th century Scotland for an unforgettable adventure. Susan Leigh Furlong is a gifted historical romance writer. Using descriptive narration, the author plunges the reader into a time and place they may not be familiar with. The plot moves at an excellent pace with intricate historical accuracy. Every detail about gunsmithing in the 16th century added such depth to the overall story. I found it fascinating myself. The hero and heroine are widowed so it was natural for them to talk about their passed-on partners. At the core, it's a seasoned romance filled with heart, intrigue, adventure, and three adorable little boys. Brilliantly written, Keeper of my Dreams is a fresh take on romance in 16th century Scotland. Fans of Scottish romance will love this book. If you enjoy reading historical romance, you'll love Keeper of my Dreams. Another gem from the talented Susan Leigh Furlong. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Susan Leigh Furlong is the author of numerous articles, plays, and novels, which will never be published. However, she is the published author of a play about the Last Supper, two non-fiction books about the history and people of her small town in Ohio, and three romantic adventures, Steadfast Will I Be, By Promise Made, Keeper of My Dreams.

While her life with her husband, two curious cats, and assorted relatives and friends is full and rich, she still gets lost in the lives of her characters. She lives with them, fights with them, and eventually rescues them.

A former teacher and writing coach, actor and director, and now a practicing grandmother, she hopes you enjoy the lives she creates – just for you!

Check out her website and her Facebook page SusanLeighFurlong.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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