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5+ stars for Key Lime Coconut Curse by @Virgini35142126 #fantasyromance #romance #bookreview

Title: Key Lime Coconut Curse

Author: Virginia Barlow

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance

Book Blurb:

Tilly O’ Brian returns to Key West, Florida following a brutal divorce and her ex wants revenge. When Cole Turner follows her home, she isn’t sure if he’s her ex’s newest spy or the dark warlock coming to steal the family talisman. But the powerful chemistry between them won’t be denied.

Cole Turner has been hired to get information on Tilly. With one look, he realizes she’s innocent and a witch. Powerful warlocks and demons converge on Key West and Tilly’s life is in danger. They must focus their power to survive. Then there’s the matter of the curse….

My Review:

Cole sets her soul and body on fire, but can he help her protect her family’s talisman and save the world from destruction? After an ugly divorce, Tilly returns home to Key West. She loves spending time with her aunt and would do anything to protect her from harm. Her aunt sees a vision and warns Tilly of a dark warlock coming to steal their family talisman, a beautiful necklace. As both Tilly and her aunt come from a long line of witches, they’re ready with protection spells. What Tilly isn’t ready for is Cole. While their first meeting was, let’s say unusual, Cole makes up for it in charm. He’s sexy as sin and she melts whenever he’s nearby. She’s never felt this strong of an attraction before and it’s a little scary. Cole is hiding some secrets of his own. Can Tilly move past his betrayal in time before the dark warlock attacks or will the curse live on?

Key Lime Coconut Curse is a magical fantasy romance with steamy goodness and delicious ice cream. From the very beginning, I connected with Tilly. She has a vindictive ex-husband who’s out to ruin her, no matter the cost. Tilly is a sweet woman who deserves a man who treats her with respect, adoration, and bone-melting kisses. Cole is this man, only she doesn’t know it yet. Cole also had ex issues which makes him perfect for Tilly. The romance between these two is electrifying and will scorch your fingers. There’s plenty of angst in Key Lime Coconut Curse which adds realism to this romance. Tilly’s aunt steals every scene she’s in and I adored her. The mystery behind who’s attacking them had me whipping through the pages. The world-building is sublime and allowed me to immerse myself into the story. If you’re looking for a fantasy romance with depth of feeling, pick up Key Lime Coconut Curse. Romance readers will lap up Key Lime Coconut Curse. Such a fantastic romance from start to finish. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

I love being an author. It's all about where your characters lead you. I start with a general idea. As the story unfolds I type as fast as I can in hopes I keep up with my characters. They have had me jotting on napkins, making notes while I'm waiting in a line, and waking me up in the middle of the night. The hard part is always the ending. My characters live with me and when I reach the end of the story, it is hard to say goodbye. Sometimes I let the story sit for a few days to make sure I'm okay with them leaving home to get published. Kind of like when you kids move out. LOL.

I enjoy my grandchildren, and the time I share with them. They make me smile with their antics. I like to quilt, crochet, knit and sew. Cooking and baking are occasional itches I scratch. The rest of the time, they are necessary evils. LOL.

My greatest support comes from my husband. He has been my sounding board for all my stories. My daughters are also a great support to me. I couldn't do it without my family.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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