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New Release | Key Lime Coconut Curse by @Virgini35142126 #pnr #romanticfantasy #bookboost

Title: Key Lime Coconut Curse

Author: Virginia Barlow

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Fantasy

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb:

Tilly O’ Brian returns to Key West, Florida following a brutal divorce and her ex wants revenge. When Cole Turner follows her home, she isn’t sure if he’s her ex’s newest spy or the dark warlock coming to steal the family talisman. But the powerful chemistry between them won’t be denied.

Cole Turner has been hired to get information on Tilly. With one look, he realizes she’s innocent and a witch. Powerful warlocks and demons converge on Key West and Tilly’s life is in danger. They must focus their power to survive. Then there’s the matter of the curse….


Tilly’s knees turned to jelly when the doorbell chimed. She smoothed the skirt on her sundress with shaking hands and glanced at the mirror in the entry. Her floral dress echoed the blue of her eyes and added color to her cheeks. He was here! She glanced down at the short skirt and high-heeled wedges she wore. “Do I look okay?” Tilly glanced at Aunt Mable. “Maybe I should have put on my designer jeans and my new top.” Biting her lip, she gave her legs another once-over. “You look fine. Open the door and let the man in. I want to meet him in person.” Her smile widened. “I don’t remember you being this nervous before.”

She bit her lip. “Me either. It’s not like I haven’t been with a good-looking man before. I don’t know why Cole has me so hot and bothered.”

“I do. He’s nothing like Brad. Now open the door so I can meet him.”

Tilly took a deep breath and swung the door open.

Carrie from the floral shop across the street stood at the door, holding a dozen roses. “Hi.”


Carrie handed her the flowers. “Some hot guy bought you roses and said to read the card.”

Tilly glanced behind the perky young woman at the limo parked outside her gate. Cole stood beside it with the door open and a grin on his face. He wore a blue polo shirt and black trousers. His hair was combed back, and his sunglasses were tucked in the front of his shirt. He was gorgeous. Tilly took the card and read.

Moonlight and roses

Your eyes of blue

A magical eve waits

For me and you….

She glanced back at Cole and waved when he lifted his hand in the air. Tilly turned. “I’ll be back.”

Aunt Mable chuckled. “Take your time, sweetie. If I were you, I’d see what kind of magic he had in mind.”

Tilly closed the door and followed Carrie down the steps and across the front lawn to the street. She closed the gate behind her and turned to Cole. Shivers raced down her spine as she gazed up into his blue eyes.

“Good evening.” He smiled.

“Good evening.” She choked on the words as her heart rate accelerated. From a distance, he was handsome as the devil. Up close, he was as decadent as sin and much more tempting.

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Author Biography:

I love being an author. It's all about where your characters lead you. I start with a general idea. As the story unfolds I type as fast as I can in hopes I keep up with my characters. They have had me jotting on napkins, making notes while I'm waiting in a line, and waking me up in the middle of the night. The hard part is always the ending. My characters live with me and when I reach the end of the story, it is hard to say goodbye. Sometimes I let the story sit for a few days to make sure I'm okay with them leaving home to get published. Kind of like when you kids move out. LOL.

I enjoy my grandchildren, and the time I share with them. They make me smile with their antics. I like to quilt, crochet, knit and sew. Cooking and baking are occasional itches I scratch. The rest of the time, they are necessary evils. LOL.

My greatest support comes from my husband. He has been my sounding board for all my stories. My daughters are also a great support to me. I couldn't do it without my family.

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Barbara Bettis

Hi Virginia. Best of luck with your new book! It sounds delicious !!


N. N. Light
N. N. Light

Thank you, Virginia, for sharing your new release with us! I'm reading it right now and it's such a magical romance.

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