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5 stars for Kisses and Lemon Snowflake Cookies by @njadegray1 #holidayromance #romance #bookreview

Title: Kisses and Lemon Snowflake Cookies

Author: N. Jade Gray

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Holiday Romance

Book Blurb:

Return to Cedar Bend, CO

Fireman Dustin Keith didn't realize women would be coming out of the woodwork after he posed for the local fundraiser calendar. But the one who catches his eye is a baker with trust issues. Can he scale the wall she's built around her heart, or is fate destined to extinguish the flames of desire before they engulf his heart?

Lauren Badini came to Cedar Bend to lend a helping hand at her aunt's bakery, not fall for Mr. July. The image on the calendar she received last Christmas fueled her fantasies, but the in-person version is too hot to handle. But if life after her ex has taught her anything, it's okay to look...but don't touch.

My Review:

Posing for a fireman calendar has its perks but Dustin wants a certain baker who won’t let him near her heart. Dustin loves being a fireman but this newfound celebrity status as ‘Mr. July’ is a bit much. Women throw themselves at him but no one’s caught his eye, that is until he meets Lauren. She’s a baker helping her aunt at the bakery. The attraction is immediate and leaves him breathless. Or that might be her kisses. The only trouble is Lauren has serious trust issues. He can’t blame her as her ex did a number on her. Can Dustin prove he’s one of the good guys who won’t hurt her or will she run from his embrace?

Kisses and Lemon Snowflake Cookies is a holiday romance with a smoking hot fireman and a deer-in-the-headlights heroine. I connected with both Lauren and Dustin right away. Dustin is such a sweet guy, you’ll swoon over him. Every woman needs a hero like Dustin in their life. I realize Lauren is a bit jaded about love and relationships due to her past. We’ve all been there. It’s best to get back in the saddle, so to speak. In Kisses and Lemon Snowflake Cookies, we get to see things from both POVs, which I loved. The plot moved at a great pace with intricate descriptive narration. The POV was pretty deep so it was easy for me to become a part of the story. The romance itself felt a little rushed but overall, it carried the story from start to finish. If you love holiday romances, this is a good one. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

N. Jade Gray, grew up on a farm in Oklahoma with one sister and three brothers. She began reading romance novels in high school and was hooked. In an attempt to entertain her friends, she began writing stories. The biggest hurdle she had to overcome was sharing her stories. Her former writing groups, the Wichita Area Romance Authors and Low Country Romance Writer’s, helped with her confidence and shook the needed pom poms to get her motivated for publication. She is also a former member of the Romance Writers of America. She met her husband while attending college and has two grown sons. Not really knowing what she wanted to do when she grew up, she’s held various jobs in the accounting and legal fields. She lives in Missouri with her husband, rescue cats Meera, Mango, Pancake and one spoiled dog-named Fabio. Yes, she had a hand in naming the dog.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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