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5 stars for LiT: Part 1 - The Dark Ignites by @MaxwellFHurley #yalit #fantasyadventure #bookreview

Title: LiT: Part 1 - The Dark Ignites

Author: Maxwell F. Hurley

Genre: Fantasy Adventure, YA Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Without warning, the Dark is starting to tip the scale to rule over the humans. God needs to activate a new Lite Sentry. This chosen human is asked to battle the Infiltrators and Demons the Dark is sending to Earth. Osiah has a special insight to the Dark and is asked to train the newly activated Lite Sentry. Alexandria Johnson, who goes by Alex, is a 17-year old high school popular student who dresses in Goth attire. She has two best friends; a male classmate who is a recovering alcoholic and looks to completing an Ironman as a coping mechanism and another classmate whose mother left her as she lives with her abusive father. Alex accepts her new role in life to help maintain the balance between the Lite and the Dark. She grows from learning her role to actually understanding what is asked of her. Along the way she is introduced to a whole new world containing Angels, Demons, and others who are knowledgeable in this war.

My Review:

A book that could seriously resonate with anyone who ever went to high school. Who honestly didn't get out of bed one morning when 17 and wonder if school wasn't a battle of good vs evil?

Alex gets to live this literally in this intense first part of a 3-book series. This book is an edge-of-your-seat thriller. The reader is left wondering if Alex can manage to survive the worldly and otherworldly challenges.

The cast of characters reflects a basic diorama of high school - the straight arrow, the goth, the athlete come loner. There are also the cool parents, the normal parents, and the insane.

The commute of Alex to school must be a long one. Not only does she pick up Mole but she needs to travel back in time to get Sara. It is unclear at the start what century Sara's father lives in. From his antiquated inanities, it appears he lives in the 1700s.

It bears repeating that just because someone is related to you by blood, there is no requirement to care or associate with them. Some alleged parents lose any 'rights' through unforgivable behavior. This is true in fiction and extremely truthful in life.

The book is a thrill ride that places the reader in the middle of the age-old battle. It is good vs evil and who will win is the ultimate question. The pace is fast, and the action is intense. There is humor to keep it lighter at times. This book simply whets the appetite of the reader for book 2. A superb start to a series.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

I’m a Spokane author who just released the three-book series, LiT. It is a young adult modern-day fantasy dealing with the battle between the Lite and Dark while dealing with real-life issues. Follow me on Facebook for updates.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

1 Comment

Barbara Bettis
Sep 29, 2021

What a review! The book certainly sounds like a winner. Wishing you the best.

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