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5 stars for LiT: Part 2 - Falling Lite by @MaxwellFHurley #yalit #fantasy #yafantasy #bookreview

Title: LiT: Part 2 - Falling Lite

Author: Maxwell F. Hurley

Genre: Fantasy Adventure, YA Fantasy

Book Blurb:

The Dark challenges those who accept the Lite in all forms; most are physical, some are not, but they are all a matter of life and death. Salamor, the Dark Myst, is putting forth Vandor’splan to permanently keep the balance in favor of the Dark. Lite Sentries protect the lives of people who have the blissful ignorance of not knowing the danger from which they are protected. Humans live their days in showing acts of Lite but witnessing the growing influence of the Dark is hard to accept. Alex is flourishing as a hunter. Her undisciplined strength is becoming a force the Dark must reckon with. She is attending a Catholic private college while living with Anne. Alex is happy seeing Anne and Kale maintain their loving relationship. She often wonders if she would ever be able to find the same gift until she gets involved with a man that will forever change her life. On a random hunt, she comes across another who is knowledgeable in the war. Sanah, a powerful and disciplined Lite Sentry, has come to town to eliminate the Dark’s influence over the unappreciative people of this town. Now, two Lite Sentries are on the hunt for the Dark, but Salamor has sensed an opportunity, an opportunity that will result for the Dark to reign over all that oppose…

My Review:

The book that followed book one doesn't disappoint. Some readers might have thought there was a smidge of BTVS in this story but in book two, you really find Faith. The move ahead by a couple of years keeps the story moving. The addition of new characters keeps the story fresh.

The seemingly insurmountable power of the darkness makes one wonder if this book series should be titled ‘The Dark”. The reader gets a good understanding of Alex in this part of the series. She seems to be smaller than the darkness thought she should be. One wonders if she ever failed the written. The reader now must wait to see what comes in book three. The conclusion of this series will be critical for a full appreciation of this work.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

I’m a Spokane author who just released the three-book series, LiT. It is a young adult modern-day fantasy dealing with the battle between the Lite and Dark while dealing with real-life issues. Follow me on Facebook for updates.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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