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3.75 stars for LiT: Part 3 - Pure Heart by @MaxwellFHurley #yalit #fantasy #bookreview

Title: LiT: Part 3 - Pure Heart

Author: Maxwell F. Hurley

Genre: Fantasy Adventure, YA Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Alex and Anne end up working in Washington D.C. at a Catholic Church. A new anti-religion group is gaining momentum and becoming much more violent. Alex is positive the Dark is behind this new group and sets forth to stop them. During her investigation, she meets up with a Secret Service Agent who was injured during one of the attacks. Alex finds herself fighting new feelings as she starts to fear what her role in this war will do to the ones she most cares for.

My Review:

It is a given that people write what they know. If this is the case here, then this book comes from a very dark place. The conclusion of this series makes it clear to this reader that this was not titled properly. This series is called Lit. The work should be entitled Darkness. There seems to be no real point to light in this series. In what I saw as laughable was the portrayal of God.

In this world, the Good is barely able to keep up with the encroaching evil. Good suffers many losses and deaths while evil just gets stronger. The characters of evil seem to only just go away to come back later.

If you think I was unimpressed with this, you would be correct. The third book sort of finishes the story. But not in any satisfactory way. This reader is left feeling taken advantage of. Frankly, I was offended by the third book in this series.

I can't say there is a point to this series. The only point that could potentially reflect this work is the Protestant Work Ethic - you suffer on Earth and are rewarded in Heaven. Fans of really dark work will love this series. People who feel the world is a dark place with no hope will love this book. A good book series to read around Halloween.

My Rating: 3.75 stars

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Author Biography:

I’m a Spokane author who just released the three-book series, LiT. It is a young adult modern-day fantasy dealing with the battle between the Lite and Dark while dealing with real-life issues. Follow me on Facebook for updates.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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