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Lord of Druemarwin by Helen C. Johannes is a Shake Off Winter Doldrums Festival Pick #romance


Author: Helen C. Johannes

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Book Blurb:

Lady Raell can fight, ride, and argue politics as well as her brothers. Only being mistress of her father's household keeps her in skirts. In Naed, the new Lord of Druemarwin, she has found devotion, a kindred spirit, and a marriage promise. But when a forgotten and unwanted betrothal comes to light, she has no choice but to run.

Amidst sweeping revolution, Naed must rally his people, fend off assassination attempts, and fight against claims he's a traitor. Then he discovers everything about his lineage and family is a lie. And his beloved belongs to another.

With lives and a kingdom at stake, Raell and Naed must find a way to protect the innocent and save their love.


“Raell, now is not the time—”

Aye, it wasn’t. They stood in torchlight on an open parapet while assassins stalked them, but this might be her only chance to reach him across that precipice he’d thrown up between them, to secure the future they were meant to share.

“Does my honor mean naught? When weighed with D’nalian honor, is mine lesser because ‘tis a woman’s honor? Or because ‘tis a Tolemak’s honor? Be honest and tell me that.”

The world had gone silent; Raell could hear nothing over the rush of blood in her ears, the terrible heavy beats of her heart while she waited, dizzy with fear, breathless with longing, for the man she loved to respond with a word, a look, even a blink. Even a shift of his gaze she’d take as a sign he’d at least heard, mayhap begun to consider—

“Yes, be honest, Lord Naed,” said a voice she’d heard but once, a voice that raised all the fine hairs on her body and made her innards contract into a cold, tight knot. “Tell us both how much honor means to a bastard who’s betrayed his countrymen and his blood.”

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What’s your favorite activity to shake off the winter doldrums?

Usually a trip to somewhere warm and sunny for 10 days to 2 weeks does the trick.

Why is your featured book a cure for the winter blues?

Adventure, mystery, romance…and a wedding! Heroes, villains, messy family secrets and a happily ever after are guaranteed to lift those blues.


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Author Biography:

Helen C. Johannes writes award-winning fantasy romance inspired by the fairy tales she grew up reading and the amazing historical places she’s visited in England, Ireland, Scotland and Germany. She writes tales of adventure and romance in fully realized worlds sprung from pure imagination and a lifelong interest in history, culture, and literature. Warriors on horseback, women who refuse to sit idly at home, and passion that cannot be denied or outrun—that’s what readers will find in her books.

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5 Σχόλια

Άγνωστο μέλος
20 Μαρ 2020

This sounds like an exciting tale. Wishing you the best with your writing...

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Άγνωστο μέλος
18 Μαρ 2020

Yep, have to agree a warm sunny beach some where sounds great right about now. The snow has finally melted and we can see the ground first time all winter. Good luck with LORD OF DRUEMARWIN

Μου αρέσει

Άγνωστο μέλος
18 Μαρ 2020

A trip to a warm, sunny beach sounds wonderful right now! All the best, Helen!

Μου αρέσει

Barbara Bettis
18 Μαρ 2020

Sounds like an exciting book, Helen. Best of luck :)

Μου αρέσει

N. N. Light
N. N. Light
18 Μαρ 2020

Thank you, Helen, for sharing our book in our Shake Off Winter Doldrums Book Festival. Let's get shakin'!

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