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5+ stars for Monterey King: A Second Chance Romance #romance #secondchance #monterey #bookreview

Title: Monterey King: A Second Chance Romance (California Suits Book 3)

Author: Claire Marti

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Second Chance Romance

Book Blurb:

When former Army Major Cameron Taylor comes home a hero from his deployment in the Middle East his scars run deep - both physically and emotionally. But he’s starting over, running a luxury hotel with his best friends. And Lucy Goodwin, apparently…his high school sweetheart who he’s never quite managed to forget.

There’s only one reason Lucy’s been engaged - and walked away - three times and now he’s standing right in front of her. Cameron Taylor is the man she’s never stopped loving, even when he left her “for her own good” all those years ago. There was nothing good about it, that’s for sure. Just like there’d be nothing good about trying to break down Cameron’s walls now. But that doesn’t mean she’s not tempted to try…

***Monterey King is the third book in award-winning and USA Today bestselling author Claire Marti's spin-off contemporary romance series, California Suits. The series will follow the adventures of five best friends who are opening a string of luxury boutique hotels from La Jolla to Monterey to Beverly Hills as each one finds true love…usually where he least expects it. Each book is a standalone.

My Review:

Lucy’s heart broke into a million pieces thanks to Cameron but several years later, can these high school sweethearts hang onto their second chance at love? Lucy’s worked hard to get to where she is and she won’t let anyone, including ex-boyfriend Cameron, stop her. Her childhood cancer taught her to be strong and never give up. As a wedding planner, she has the skills to make this boutique hotel the 'it' place to get married. All she has to do is concentrate on the illustrious wedding at hand and keep her distance from Cameron. The tension between them is thick and the temptation is far too great. Is Lucy ready to risk it all for love or will she back away to safeguard her heart?

Monterey King is an emotional second-chance romance by one of today’s leading romance authors. I've read several Claire Marti books and each one takes my romantic heart on an epic journey. Monterey King is Claire Marti’s newest release, and it is her pinnacle romance. From the first page to the last, the descriptive narration swept me away to Monterey. Claire Marti has a keen sense of how to plunge the reader into the setting and she makes the reading experience truly memorable. As I was reading, I felt like I was there, even down to the chilly breezes blowing and the scent of flowers wafting over me. The main characters, Lucy and Cam, are so expertly written, that they became a part of me. My heart broke for them both over and over. Claire Marti weaves an emotional grumpy/sunshine romance that’ll make you feel every emotion. One of my favorite parts of this book is the ability of Lucy to bring Cam to his knees and vice versa. It’s that vulnerability when it comes to love that Claire Marti expresses through her writing. A beautiful second-chance romance with all the feels, Monterey King needs to be your next summer read. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Claire Marti is an award winning and USA Today Bestselling author of swoonworthy Contemporary Romance novels set in Southern California, including the Pacific Vista Ranch series and the spin-off California Suits series. She lives in San Diego with her husband, silly dog, and three clever cats.

Claire started writing stories as soon as she was old enough to pick up pencil and paper. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a BA in English Literature, Claire was sidetracked by other careers, including practicing law, selling software for legal publishers, and managing a non-profit animal rescue for a Hollywood actress.

When Claire's not writing, she's teaching yoga. You can find her sixty+ online classes on the international website A breast cancer survivor, Claire is a sought-after speaker on the power of yoga and meditation. She's been published in numerous magazines with articles on wellness and is the author of a memoir, Come Ride with Me Along the Big C, on her experience beating breast cancer.

Claire loves to hear from readers!

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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Barbara Bettis
Jul 21, 2022

What a lovely review, Claire. Wishing you all the best with your book.

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