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New Release | Widow's Walk by Wendy Webb and @WildRosePress #gothic #supernatural #newrelease

Title: Widow’s Walk

Author: Wendy Webb

Genre: Gothic, Supernatural, Dark Fantasy

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb:

Escaping a troubled marriage, Annie Cameron brings her autistic son Charlie and mother-in-law to Mico Island. With the friendship of Winston Mann and his wife, their new home becomes a sanctuary. Until the dreams start.

Years ago the Manns' son mysteriously drowned. Winston thinks the woman who once lived in Annie's house caused his death. Except she's been dead for two hundred years.

Charlie and his mentally fragile grandmother sense a malevolent presence in the house. But they don't know how to fight back as Annie slowly becomes possessed.

Now Annie has discovered the door to the widow's walk and the house's dangerous past. A storm is brewing. Someone waits to finish what was started long ago. And Annie will keep a promise she never made.


Annie would complete the task this time; complete it the way it was meant to be. She saw the need through the eyes of the wind, heard it in the voice that spoke to her in her dreams, and felt it when their dreams merged and became her own.

She paced the widow’s walk and looked out over the bay with new strength. It was a power once someone else’s, but now discovered as her own, and would be used to bring the light.

In the distance, the wind carried the sound of laughter.

Soon the truth would be acted on. They would look for the light coming across the bay, and their souls would know that everything was set right again.

Tonight it would all end. Tonight it would all begin. The branch over the walk rippled and shook, and leaned further over the edge. Annie took little notice. Instead, her attention was pulled to the choppy surface of Lullaby Sound. There was nothing yet.

But soon, very soon now, she would look out across the water and see the light from his boat that meant she had successfully corrected the wrongs, and he had returned for her.

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Author Biography

Wendy Webb is a nurse, educator, and a disaster medical responder. An avid traveler she’s learned to keep a notebook to jot down details of the inevitable strange, unusual, or just plain quirky event that will occur where she goes. You can find more information on

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1 Comment

N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Feb 26, 2020

Thank you, Wendy, for sharing your new release with us. Sounds like a fantastic read!

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