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5+ stars for Northern Dawn (Northern Wolf Series Book 4) #historicalfiction #civilwar #bookreview

Title: Northern Dawn (Northern Wolf Series Book 4)

Author: Daniel Greene

Genre: Historical Fiction, Civil War, Military Fiction

Book Blurb:

War takes guts and luck to survive...but will it be enough? Wolf's been promoted. He's helped bring down one of the South's greatest generals. Yet his country still has more to ask of him and the costliest war in America's history rages on. Sheridan's cavalry raids west to destroy Confederate infrastructure and divert attention from Grant's movement south of the killing fields of Cold Harbor. Yet Wade Hampton and his rebel forces have something else in store for the Union Cavalry Corps. Wolf quickly finds himself in the hot seat of the largest all-cavalry battle of the war near Trevilian Station. Isolated and surrounded can they survive the coming Southern storm? Or will they be overrun and annihilated, a mere footnote in history? Continue the thrilling military historical fiction series. Perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Michael and Jeff Shaara, Matthew Harffy, Steven Pressfield, and Simon Scarrow. Fans are raving: "Must say it reminds me of the best Bernard Cornwell." And "Best Civil War Novel Since The Starbuck Series." "Brilliantly executed. Fabulously written. Battle scenes don't get better than this." - Coffee Pot Book Club Review "Greene has set the bar impossibly high -- no one writes about the American Civil war the way he does." - Coffee Pot Book Club Review

My Review:

This is the book Northern Wolf fans have been waiting for! Once you crack the cover, you can't put it down. Incredible historical accuracy. I have just finished reading Bloody Roads South and this book seems taken from the pages of that history book. The reader will be hard-pressed to think the 13th Michigan wasn't there in these amazing battles.

Northern Dawn rewards the reader who has gone through the trials and tribulations of Wolf. Finally, the character and bravery of this man are recognized. The pacing is perfect. The action scenes are tense. You are on the edge of your seat over and over. One of the most intense calvary fights is given great detail here.

Simply a brilliant book that will make my annual re-read list. Fantastic from start to finish. A book that raises what was a great Civil War fiction series to the level of incredible literature. Recommended to every reader of the Northern Wolf series. Recommended to every reader of military fiction. A truly magnificent book.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Daniel is the award-winning author of The End Time Saga and the historical fiction Northern Wolf Series. Whether it’s a saber charge in the American Civil War or a gun battle between two rival bands surviving a hellish landscape, he is known for his ability to embed every page with fast-paced action, thrilling suspense, and gritty realism.

He is an avid traveler and physical fitness enthusiast with a deep passion for history. The works of George R.R. Martin, Steven Pressfield, Bernard Cornwell, Robert Jordan, and George Romero have inspired his work. Although he is a Midwesterner for life, he's lived in Virginia long enough to consider it home.

He is a proud member of the Horror Writers Association, the Historical Novel Society, and the Military Writers Society of America.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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