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5 stars for Original Wisdom by @originalwisdom3 #selfhelp #spirituality #mindful #bookreview

Title: Original Wisdom: Harness the Power of the Authentic You

Author: Donna Bond

Genre: Self-Help: Personal Transformation, Spirituality, Memoir

Book Blurb:

Now is the time to rewrite the story of not being good enough and reclaim your Authentic Self. You are a beautiful, empowered, radiant, drop of God. You are a divine spiritual being on a human adventure. You are here to express the magnificence that is you. You are here to learn to respect, honor, and love your sweet self and your whole life. I am here to remind you how.

Reclaim your authentic self with this illuminating memoir of personal transformation for women based on the practice of Spiritual Psychology. By integrating the wholeness of your Higher Self and your Human Self, you will transform your consciousness and empower your life from the inside out. Walk with me as I share my profound journey with you. Awaken Soul-centered practice for self-love. Learn how to be happy with yourself and your life. Activate the authentic power that resides within you -your Original Wisdom.

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My Review:

Now is the time to unleash your magnificence and embrace the crown of your original wisdom. Are you tired of being passed over, not good enough, rejected, and held back? You are a wondrous spiritual being and it’s time to set your soul free in order to become the goddess you are meant to be. Let Donna Bond be your spiritual guide on the path to wholeness and reclaim your original wisdom. Learn how to love yourself. Learn what it means to be authentic in all areas of your life. Through the tenants of spiritual psychology, you’ll transform yourself into the divine spirit girl you’re destined to be.

Original Wisdom is a compelling book all women should read. Why? Women are pulled in a million different directions and often we don’t care for ourselves with the same intensity we look after others. Instead of embracing what makes us happy, we choose to let other people be happy. Original Wisdom truly opened my eyes and heart to what matters. Donna Bond’s frankness in her writing built a bond (no pun intended) between author and reader. Each chapter is well laid out with key ideas and mental exercises to mull over. Like Marianne Williamson, Donna Bond wants to help people achieve their transcendence. I thoroughly enjoyed Original Wisdom. I learned quite a bit about spiritual psychology and myself. If you’re looking to kickstart your personal transformation, pick up Original Wisdom. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Donna Bond, M.A., is a Soul-centered catalyst for personal transformation. An Igniter of Light, she serves as an author, a speaker, a spiritual life and business coach, and a personal transformation consultant. Supporting individual transformation of consciousness, she helps clients across the globe evolve into new heights of meaningful success, personal fulfillment, and spiritual aliveness.

Donna offers inspiring classes, workshops, and transformative, in-depth life-coaching programs that help individuals and businesses unlock the full potential of their lives. A graduate of USM, she holds an MA in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing.

After being a hospitality sales and marketing executive for twenty-eight years, Donna stepped down from her career at The Ritz-Carlton and has since combined her business savvy and her intuitive, Soul-centered coaching and facilitation to offer a more meaningful contribution to the world.

She and her husband, award-winning oil painter Paul Bond, live part-time in both Southern California and Costa Rica with their two cats, Mystic and Rumi.

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Twitter @originalwisdom3

Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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