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Out of Options by @sharonvagar is a BHW pick #thriller #giveaway #bookish

Title: Out of Options

Author: Sharon V. Agar

Genre: Thriller

Publisher: Archway Publishing

Book Blurb:

Investment banker Eve is a woman who has risen above life’s challenges yet

habitually plays it safe. Escaping the monotony of her job and memories of her recent breakup, she embarks on a solo trip to the Caribbean island of Sainte Anne. There she meets the handsome and charismatic Julian, who awakens in her a sense of adventure and willingness to take risks. While on the island, the two find themselves in the middle of a suspicious death and its investigations but ignore the warning signs in favor of the deepening chemistry between them. Seamlessly blending the blissful naivete of new love with the heart-pounding suspense of murder and deceit, Agar’s woman-led thriller places readers at the center of Eve’s crossroads in multiple life-changing decisions.


“Coffee?” Helen suggested.

“Sounds great,” Eve replied, “As long as you don’t expect me to kiss and tell about my vacation.”

Helen’s eyes narrowed sharply. “Eve McFarland, if you think for a moment that you are going to spring something like this on me and then clam up about it, you are out of your mind.”

Eve’s grin was at bursting point. She sat on a stool while Helen fired up the espresso machine, and unloaded the entire sequence of events. When she was done, Helen was speechless. It was difficult for her to absorb the sheer operatic melodrama of Eve’s story. For the first time in months she craved a cigarette, which she knew was impossible (inside the house, for God’s sake! With the girls home?). In fact, she was not clear whether she really wanted the cigarette, or whether the story of romantic strangers and drownings and murder attempts and police investigations just reminded her of the old days of coming back from the movies, smoking, drinking coffee and discussing the plot line. The old days being before the kids were born, when she still went to the movies.

Eve’s face had sobered as she talked, too, as though speaking the words aloud reminded her of the seriousness of the situation. Helen was glad of that much, at least.

“Eve, this is pretty incredible. Are you really planning to keep up a relationship with this guy?”

“His name’s Julian. Yes I am, very much so.”

“You’re nuts. Whatever’s going on sounds dangerous. Can I remind you that you don’t like that kind of thing: it’s not your style.”

“No, it isn’t, is it,” Eve retorted. “My style is safe, like Greg, where you can relax and trust, knowing you won’t get hurt. Right?” Helen ignored the sarcasm.

“So instead you’re going to hang around a man who someone may be trying to kill? The first time was subtle, but in New York City it’s more likely to be a shooting, and if you’re around at the wrong time who knows what could happen. Is it worth it? Is he worth it?”

It was a rhetorical question, or it should have been; but a tiny jutting of Eve’s jaw-line informed Helen that Eve had already answered it to her own satisfaction.

“Helen, I’m not going to drop him. He’s…well, you’ll have to meet him to understand. There’s just something about him.”

“Probably the smell of cordite.”

“No, really. He has a special quality.”

“Oh, a special quality, well then that’s okay!” She shook her head. “Good-looking, you say?”

Eve grinned. “Gorgeous.”

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Giveaway: I’m one of the authors participating in the Summer in the Sun Book Giveaway and you can win a print copy of Out of Options by Sharon V. Agar (US and Canada only).

Runs July 1 - 31 and is open internationally for many prizes. Winners will be drawn on August 2, 2021.

Author Biography:

Sharon V. Agar writes realistic and suspenseful novels with multi-dimensional characters and strong, smart women at the center. Originally from England, she moved to the United States at 18, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics at Yale University and her MBA at Harvard University. She spent decades living in Manhattan, where she worked in investment banking and a Fortune 500 company, and ran a small not-for-profit. In 2010, Agar was diagnosed with a serious lung disease. She has since undergone two lung transplants, the experiences of which inform her second book, “All You Need Is Lung.” Agar currently lives in Southern California with her husband and sons.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jul 28, 2021

Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your book with us!

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