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5+ stars for Past Lives by Terry Cloutier #timetravel #historicalfantasy #bookreview

Title: Past Lives (The Past Lives Chronicles Book 1)

Author: Terry Cloutier

Genre: Time Travel Fiction, Historical Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Time travel with a twist, from the author of the bestselling Wolf of Corwick Castle series! What if past lives are actually real? What if each of us has lived multiple lives throughout the span of history? And what if, instead of just remembering those past lives, you could go back in time to live them all again? Claire Blackwood’s life is in ruins. Her daughter is dead—killed by corporate greed and indifference—and her husband is in prison. And now, she’s been diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. The only hope Claire has left is a crazy idea from her husband about reliving past lives and trying to change the future. But in life—past or present—nothing ever goes as planned. Malcolm Foster wants to die. Once a famous author and lecturer, his worsening disease has left him wheelchair bound and helpless. When two government agents arrive at his estate, bringing with them long-buried memories of a pretty, black-haired girl named Claire and a ridiculous story about past lives, Malcolm sees his way out. But little does he know that the end he so desperately seeks is really just the beginning of something far greater than he could have ever imagined. So begins a remarkable story of love, loss, and redemption across the very fabric of time. From the eighteenth century and the golden age of piracy to the Cimbrian migration known as the Wandering of the Tribes—a migration that will ultimately bring the Roman Republic to its very knees—Claire and Malcolm find their past lives irrevocably linked not just by the serum they both share in their veins—but by a dark secret from their own past as well.

My Review:

Escaping a dismal present, can hope for the future be unlocked by exploring past lives? Claire Blackwood is all alone, what with her daughter dead and her husband in prison for murdering the greedy man responsible for killing their daughter. Claire’s got nothing to live for as cancer eats away at her brain cells. But what if her husband’s crazy theory is true? Can reliving past lives and making new decisions lead to changing the future? Is it even possible? Claire’s about to find out just how tenuous life is, and the risks involved in time travel. Along the way, she meets Malcolm, who is also voyaging past lives. Claire and Malcolm are connected through their past lives and a secret that haunts them. Can they change the future by reliving past lives?

Past Lives is a riveting adventure throughout history I couldn’t put down. From the beginning, my heart went out to Claire and her tragic circumstances. When I read the book description, I wondered if the author could deliver what appeared to be a rollicking time travel adventure. Terry Cloutier exceeded my expectations thousand times over. Terry thrusts the reader into Claire’s and Malcolm’s minds with deep POV and intricate description. The plot moved at a fast pace with a large cast of characters, and I found myself whipping through the pages. The historical accuracy was impressive which made for an engrossing read. The moral dilemma in Past Lives allowed the reader to think about the story when not reading. The action was intense in some parts, fun in others, tragic near the end. The characters, both main and minor, are what make Past Lives such an enthralling read. Each character was so vividly portrayed, they truly made the story come alive. The growth both Claire and Malcolm experienced was felt by the reader.

Some might say time travel books are passe, but I say no. In today’s society, time travel is more relevant than ever before. We must learn from the past in order to change the future. If time travel is your reading jam, don’t miss out on Past Lives. If you’re a Doctor Who fan, this is definitely one you want to read. If you’re looking for an escape, you’ll want to read Past Lives. Brilliantly written, I look forward to more in this series and from Terry Cloutier. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Terry Cloutier (pronounced cluechay) is the author of the bestselling Wolf of Corwick Castle series. Terry is also the author of The Zone War fantasy series, as well as a young adult novella about a boy who can hear his cat's thoughts. He is currently working on the first book in a new, action-packed historical time travel series entitled Past Lives: The Past Lives Chronicles, which is expected out in August 2021. Terry lives in Canada with his wife and three dogs.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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