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New Release | Picture Imperfect (Destination Romance Book One) by Kate Berberich #romance #bookboost


Picture Imperfect (Destination Romance Book One)


Kate Berberich


Contemporary Romance


The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

Bad girl turned heiress, Lacey Devere has a penchant for falling for precisely the wrong person. Her dad is determined to give her a fresh start, beginning with a luxurious European tour and a new camera to capture each perfect moment.

Dan Lewis is a modern-day highwayman traveling the world, relieving wealthy tourists of their excess cash and jewelry. He learned the hard way not to let anyone get too close.

Their heads are urging caution, but their hearts are being swept away by the glamour and romance of the dazzling cities they’re visiting.


Dan checked his watch. Again. He ran a finger inside his shirt collar. The damn thing was custom-made. For what he paid for it, he should bloody well be able to breath.

Stop fidgeting. Anyone would think you’d never worn a tux before.

Any number of appreciative glances assured him it looked outstanding—if he’d been in any state to notice.

“Relax,” Mr. Wilson advised from behind his ever-present newspaper. “My wife is well aware of the curtain time, and she won’t miss it for anything.”

“I feel like I ought to apologize for this,” Dan offered.

“Eh…Martha would have found an excuse to stuff me into this thing sooner or later.” Mr. Wilson—or at least his newspaper—shrugged. “It’s fine. Anyway, it’s good for her to have a pretty girl to fuss over. It takes her mind off…well…it’s good for her. This is better than one of those charity events. People expect me to talk at those things. And write checks. The seats at the opera house are extremely comfortable and if I get bored, I can take a nap.”

Dan let the subject slide. He’d done more in-depth digging online since they’d be spending the entire evening with the Wilsons. He knew what a day spent dress shopping and primping with a young woman would mean to Mrs. Wilson.

A flash of icy silver-blue caught his eye. Just like in Madrid, his mouth went dry, and he forgot to breathe for a moment. Also, just like in Madrid, he vowed to never again criticize his sister’s taste in movies. All that romantic hokum must have some basis in fact.

Lacey and Mrs. Wilson stepped off the elevator. The older lady wore a softly draped navy-blue gown with a glittering broach on one shoulder—a high-end fake, he guessed, since no one in their right mind would travel with a genuine piece of that scale.

But Lacey…unlike her usual bright-colored outfits, tonight she wore a frosty blue gown that shimmered when she moved. Her hair was swept up in an elegant knot, with a few loose curls framing her face. The entire ensemble somehow managed to be both demure and sexy at the same time.

Well, it was Lacey. Dan considered her sexy in sweaty workout clothes. He questioned the eyesight of anyone who did not.

Mr. Wilson folded his ever-present newspaper and swatted him with it. “Breath, young man.”

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Author Biography

I am an author with a penchant for writing about strong, sassy ladies and the men they love (and cats!). I have a background in historic and theatrical costuming. I live in New York with my cat, Miss Toby Toebeanz, and lots and lots of books. Picture Imperfect is my debut novel.

Social Media Links

FB: Kate Berberich, Author

Tumblr: kateberberichauthor

Twitter: @KateBerberich

You can also find me at Goodreads, BookBub and Booksprout.

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