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5+ stars for Sandman: A Golf Tale by @DavidWBerner #golf #shortstory #fiction #bookreview

Title: Sandman: A Golf Tale

Author: David W. Berner

Genre: Golf, Short Story

Book Blurb:

"A storyline to satisfy our wistful golfing souls." —Tom Coyne, bestselling author of A Course Called America

A young boy is in love with the game of golf, but he doesn't understand why. He has a natural talent and an enviable swing but playing the game well is not enough. There's something missing. When Jimmy, the homeless man who spends his days cheering on golfers from his usual sitting spot just off the 5th green at Old Elm Municipal Golf course goes missing, the young boy becomes curious. His quest uncovers Jimmy's mysterious link to the Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland and reveals a life in golf that not only fascinates but sends the boy on a personal journey to discover the magic of an ancient game and its deeper meaning for a young man doing his best to find his path in the world.

My Review:

He loves the game of golf but when an old homeless man disappears, he discovers the lure and passion of golf lies within. A young boy is practicing his golf swing with a few of his friends at the local golf course. The young boy is good at golf yet he wants to know more about the game. He wonders what makes the game so enticing, so addictive, that he strikes up conversations with staff and fellow golfers. It’s his conversations with and about Jimmy, a homeless man, that piques his interest the most. Jimmy, who resides near the 5th hole, is a wealth of golf knowledge and wisdom, but he hasn’t been seen for days. The boy goes in search of Jimmy yet discovers his own path to life and the magical walk of eighteen holes.

Sandman: A Golf Tale is an imaginative view on life, finding your own journey, and the game of golf. Some say golf is the most fulfilling and most frustrating sport in the world. Others say golf is exquisite and will test the patience of any person. For me, I see golf through the eyes of my grandfather. It’s mystical, poetic, and the greatest achievement among the human race. In Sandman: A Golf Tale, the reader gets a unique perspective through the eyes of a young boy. Throughout the story, his views on life and golf change which in turn makes the reader ponder many things. The plot moves at a slow, easy pace which subdued my mind and allowed me to immerse myself in the story. The narration has an almost poetic vibe, filled with nuances and a transcendent setting exclusive to the world of golf. While we never know the name of the young boy, his POV is expressive, emotional, and very deep. While you don’t need to know anything about golf to read Sandman: A Golf Tale, this book may lure you into the golfing world. A poignant treatise on golf, Sandman: A Golf Tale is a book that’ll make a great impact. It makes a great read for any golfer. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

David W. Berner is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster, author, and teacher. As a writer, he has been the recipient of awards from the prestigious Society of Midland Authors and the Chicago Writers Association. David has more than forty years experience in broadcast journalism as a reporter, anchor, news director, and program director. He regularly contributes to the CBS Radio Network and has contributed to public radio stations around the country, including NPR’s Weekend edition.

David’s newest memoir is WALKS WITH SAM: A MAN, A DOG, AND A SEASON OF AWAKENING from John Hunt Publishing. His follow-up to the award-winning A WELL-RESPECTED MAN, THINGS BEHIND THE SUN was released in the spring of 2020. A WELL-RESPECTED MAN (A 2019 Society of Midland Authors Honoree for Adult Fiction) -- is the story of a reclusive novelist coaxed back into the world by a mystery woman and an unexpected and astonishing request. His memoir, OCTOBER SONG, is the story of a road trip, music, and living out a dream. It's been called "beautifully authentic" by Windy City Reviews. David's first book, ACCIDENTAL LESSONS was awarded the Royal Dragonfly Grand Prize for Literature. In 2011, David was awarded the position of Writer-in-Residence at the Jack Kerouac Project in Orlando, Florida and his memoir – ANY ROAD WILL TAKE YOU THERE: A Journey of Fathers and Sons (Dream of Thing Publishing) – is a product of the three months spent at Kerouac’s former home. The book won the Chicago Writers Association “Book of the Year” award in 2013. In 2015, he was awarded the Writer-in-Residence honor by the Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park and his collection of essays, THERE’S A HAMSTER IN THE DASHBOARD (Dream of Things Publishing) was named a 2015 “Best Book” by the Chicago Book Review. NIGHT RADIO: A LOVE STORY was his first work of fiction and was re-released in 2019 by Writer Shed Press.

David has also performed live literature readings at 2nd Story, Essay Fiesta, Waterline Writers, and Sunday Salon. And regularly conducts workshops on writing and memoir.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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