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5+ stars for Selkie: An Enemies to Lovers Viking Romance by Sydney Winward #vikingromance #pnr #99c

Title: Selkie: An Enemies to Lovers Viking Romance

Author: Sydney Winward

Genre: Enemies to Lovers Romance, Viking Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Viking Romance

Book Blurb:

No one has ever managed to capture a selkie. Until now…

On their wedding day, Klaus Lovik’s bride is stolen by an enemy chieftain. He will travel to the ends of the earth to find her, and in desperation, he captures a selkie and uses her as a bartering piece. But the selkie’s magic is powerful enough to drown entire islands, and if he’s not careful, he might find himself in a watery grave.

Mayla Brior is gifted with the power to shed her seal skin, enabling her to walk on land. But when a man robs her of the pelt, she is forced to follow his commands, endangering her skin, and preventing her return to the sea.

Venturing into enemy territory, Klaus and Mayla bond, escalating their relationship into more than adversaries. He realizes his pending nuptials are a dreadful mistake. But it might be too late to choose another path, especially when he knows he has to eventually let her go.

My Review:

Never in my life have I read a romance with my heart in my throat for almost the whole time. Sydney Winward has once again written a tale steeped in mythology that is original, emotional, and romantic. The world-building is second to none while the romance will melt your heart.

This storyline is unlike any I’ve read before. Rival Viking clans have agreed to a wedding to merge and stop the war. But it all goes south when the bride is kidnapped. The groom needs a bargaining chip so he captures a selkie and uses her to get his bride back. Fate intervenes when he and the selkie fall in love. See, what did I tell you? Pure originality. Plus, a selkie! Selkies are rarely used in books these days which is a shame.

The world-building is exceptional with intricate details so the reader gets to dive right in. Every aspect of this story is detailed and it makes for an epic adventure.

The romance is enemies-to-lovers with a twist. I enjoyed the banter between Klaus and Mayla (selkie). They start out hating each other but slowly fall in love. There’s plenty of tension between this couple yet thanks to magic and a mortar and pestle, love is victorious.

The writing is classic Sydney Winward with a few new twists. It’s clear the author is stretching her writing by using Vikings and the selkie. Brilliantly executed plot progression makes this an unforgettable read. This is also book one in a brand-new series and I can’t wait to read the next one!

My Rating: 5+ stars

Buy it Now:

Grab your copy for 99 cents or free to read on Kindle Unlimited!

Author Biography:

Sydney Winward is an award-winning fantasy and paranormal romance author who dabbles in the occasional historical fiction. She loves building complex worlds filled with magic, strong characters, and emotional stories that can make you laugh and cry.

Sydney is the author of The Bloodborn Series and the Sunlight and Shadows Series. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, thinking about stories, or going on adventures with her children. She lives in Utah with her husband and three amazing kids.

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Reviewed by: Nancy


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