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New Release | Sorrento Seduction by @readhannapark #erotic #eroticromance #romance #bookboost

Title – Sorrento Seduction

Author – Hanna Park

Genre – Erotic Romance – Contemporary Romance

Publisher – The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

At the stroke of midnight, Hattie Smith, that’s me, turns the big four-oh. To celebrate—a taste of Italy. An e-bike tour of Sorrento— a little pasta, a little wine, a little history. And a delicious surprise—Matteo DeLuca. The sexy man behind the counter cranked up the heat, stoking my appetite—for him. And the forehead kisses? Hot damn. Now, that’s what I'm talking about. It’s true what they say—this is the land of love.

The gods play tricks with everyone, and today they set their sights on me, Matteo DeLuca. When Hattie Smith walked into my shop, my mind dove into an erotic haze. Cupid’s arrow struck deep, piercing my heart—an open wound that bleeds for this woman. La mia anima brucia per questa donna. Desire. Lust. Needs—dead until now. Losing her is not an option. Everything about her is, how you say? Deliziosa. What I need most? What I don’t have? Time.


A man carrying a mandolin approaches our table. He nods at Matteo and flourishes a

bow over the stringed instrument. A soft romantic melody makes love to my mind.

“Fino ad oggi, possa non finire mai.”

“Okay, this has to stop. Matteo, what did you say?”

“May today never end.” He tilts his head, a smile lifting his lips.

“You mean that, don’t you?”

“Out of the unexpected comes the most unexpected.”

“You’re right. Life is full of surprises, isn’t it? The most amazing, beautiful surprises.” My voice falters, need coursing through me.

“May I kiss you, Hattie?” Without waiting for my answer, he catches the corner of my

mouth, a long tantalizing press.

“I’m having a wonderful time, Matteo. Thank you for this. It’s magical. It really is.”

A seagull lands on the glass rail, tweaking his head from side to side. The skies above

swirl with muted candy-floss shades—powder pink, baby blue.

“Will you dance with me?”

“Dance? You want to dance?” I place my hand over my mouth, fumbling to chew my last remaining bite.

“Si, oggi, domani e dopo ogni giorno.”

“Okay, what does that mean?”

With an easy smile, he rises from the table, offering his hand. Standing before me with

the sun at his back, he sweeps me into his arms. Resting his face on my forehead, he

sings a romantic love song, unashamed and unabashed.

My senses scatter. I imagine a future filled with Matteo. I lean into the hard plane of his chest—lost in a love story of my own making.


“We should cool things down, ayuh? Slow things down?”

“Are you not happy?” Defeat flashes in his eyes.

“Happy? Where did you come from, Matteo? How is this happening? This is crazy.” I

blurt the words before I can stop them, the meaning not lost on me.

“I have a boat at the marina. I know a place. One almost as beautiful as you. Not far

from here.” He caresses the curve of my shoulder with trailing fingertips.

“A boat? What kind of boat? A boat wasn’t part of the deal, Matteo. I thought the beach?

Or maybe one of those restaurants at the pier, where you can swim? I saw them when I got off the ferry.” The look on his face stops me dead in my tracks.

“Those places are crowded, even today. It would be my pleasure to show you

Sorrento—from the sea. We have time, no?”

“But what about all of this?” I wave my hand across platters of food, left uneaten.

“I have an appetite only for one other.”

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Author Biography

I began my writing career in the pre-dawn of a winter morning while my husband snored like a train. We could call my husband the catalyst. If it weren’t for him, I would never have gone to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee, feed the cat, and sit on the loveseat in front of the fire. It was there, in those moments of wondrous quiet, that I did something I had never thought possible. I opened my laptop, and while the coffee went cold, I wrote a story. My husband had no idea that these sojourns to the loveseat in front of the fire would become a daily occurrence, that writing would become an obsession, but the cat knew. She knows everything.

I write stories that make you laugh, make you cry, and make you love. Thank you, friends, for reading!

In the beginning, there was an empty page.

I am a writer who lives in Muskoka, Canada, with a husband who snores, a hungry cat, and an almost perfect canine––he’s an adorable little shit.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
22 de ago. de 2022

Thank you, Hanna, for sharing your new release with us! I loved this book so much!!!!!

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