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5 stars for The 7 Hungers: Brine Council by @morgan_quaid #uf #horror #darkfantasy #bookreview

Title: The 7 Hungers: Brine Council

Author: Morgan Quaid

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Horror

Book Blurb:

Heed the Brine song, for the Old Gods have returned, and the world will drown in brine and darkness. On the back of his confrontation with the Crimson King, formerly disgraced Crown sorcerer, Ambrose Drake, is sent to picturesque Port Douglas to investigate a curious emergence. Still reeling from his recent elevation to Regional Director, Drake and his companions are confronted by something ancient and hungry which has clawed its way out of the briny depths. Drake must meet this challenge while struggling to control the powerful Sovereign who resides within his flesh, a Hungerborn being that threatens to tip the balance and send Drake and his companions to a watery death. Brine Council is a fast-paced, urban fantasy thriller with horror elements throughout. Fans of The Dresden Files, The Laundry Files, Constantine, and Hellboy will love this second book in The Seven Hungers series.

My Review:

Can Drake prevent an ancient creature from plunging the world into brine and obscurity? On the heels of dealing with the Crimson King, now Regional Director and sorcerer, Ambrose Drake arrives with his team to Port Douglas to investigate strange happenings. There’s an ancient text which warns about the Brine song. It’s an ominous foretelling and one which Drake comes face-to-face with. An ancient, gnarly beast who’s hungry for flesh. Drake must come up with a plan and fast because he must also fight to control the Hungerborn writhing within his own body. Can Drake defeat enemies on two fronts or has he just put into motion the world’s demise?

The 7 Hungers: Brine Council is a thrilling dark urban fantasy/horror full of high-octane adventure with creatures from your own nightmares. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a strange fascination with horror stories. I love an original horror tale with creepy creatures and The 7 Hungers: Brine Council is that and more. Morgan Quaid has an innate ability to scare readers with his world-building and descriptive narration. The setting, characters, action scenes, and snappy dialogue ooze macabre. The reader is thrust into the story and it’s an immersive experience. The plot moves at an excellent pace with intricate action scenes to make the reader feel every detail including all the senses. The characters are well-conceived and leap from the page. There are plenty of twists and turns, some of which caught me by surprise. While this is book two, it can be read as a standalone. Another epic horror adventure from Morgan Quaid and I can’t wait to read more from him. If you’re like me and love horror, dark fantasy, and macabre, pick up The 7 Hungers: Brine Council. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Morgan Quaid is a writer of speculative fiction, specializing in comics, graphic novels, short stories and fast-paced, first-person novels. Quaid’s writing tends to blend concision and fast-moving plots with epic sci-fi/fantasy themes, creating stories that often have more in common with film rather than traditional novels.

Key works include Whiplash, Rust Chronicles, Shadow's Daughter, Idle Thuggery, Enmity, The Blood Below.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

1 Comment

Barbara Bettis
Jul 15, 2022

"High octane energy," is a definitely a recommendation. Wishing you the best with this book, Mark.

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