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5 stars for The Casserole Dish by @ameyzeigler #womensfiction #fiction #bookreview

Title: The Casserole Dish

Author: Amey Zeigler

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Book Blurb:

One broken woman. One broken house. One broken neighborhood. And one casserole dish to fix them all.

After a bitter divorce, house rehabber Lisa Bennigan needs a fresh start with her three kids. When she inherits a house in St. Louis, she soon discovers she's out of her depth. Will she be able to rehab the house on her own?

Country boy, Jackson Tydell, needs something to shake him from his rut. Living alone with his dog, Marshall, he's working from home, wearing the same sweatpants and t-shirt everyday. When an interesting woman moves into the house behind him. He's intrigued and offers to contribute his skills. Will their friendship blossom into something more?

When the neighborhood erupts into gossip about her, Lisa is thrown into despair. Can she ever out-live her husband's shameful past? Can a slightly magical casserole dish heal their neighborhood? Or will Lisa need to move again?

This book discusses issues facing women: depression, pregnancy loss, divorce, infidelity, and transitions to retirement.

My Review:

Amid the raging gossip, can a casserole dish heal Lisa’s past and possibly the whole neighborhood? A horrific divorce left Lisa and her three kids aching for a fresh start. When she inherits a house located in St. Louis, she moves her family there. The plan: rehab the house on her own with a little help from a next-door neighbor, Jackson, who has some legit rehabbing skills. What she doesn’t expect is a neighborhood filled with animosity and gossip. Will she ever escape her husband’s sordid past? Can a casserole dish perform healing magic to a group of neighbors in desperate need of community?

The Casserole Dish is a heartwarming piece of women’s fiction. This story is one to savor, like a baked treat with coffee or tea. The Casserole Dish is a story about neighbors, gossip, fresh starts, starting over, forgiveness, parenting, family, emotional tragedies, friendships, and a sweet romance. While there is romance in The Casserole Dish, it is not the main thrust of the story. I found the bickering, prickly neighbors to be quite realistic and entertaining. Through all the strife and turmoil, this neighborhood really comes together. So many times, while reading The Casserole Dish, it reminded me of the neighborhood growing up. The plot moves at a great pace with emotional narration, so the reader connects with the characters. Amey Zeigler is a talented writer and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one. An uplifting story most anyone can relate to, The Casserole Dish harkens back to what matters most: a sense of community. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Amey Zeigler is an award-winning author of romantic comedies and mysteries. Her laugh-out-loud Rom-Com, The Swiss Mishap, won third place in the OCCRWA's Book Buyer's Best for Contemporary Romance. Her ten years of theater training in college and high school inspired her to narrate her own books. She spins stories with humor, charm, and heart, often with a dash of action and adventure. When she's not writing, she is teasing her three kids, globe-trotting with her husband (for book research of course!), or trying new things.

Follow her adventures or invite her to speak at your bookclub on Instagram @ameyzeigler.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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Unknown member
Dec 10, 2021

Thank you for the great review! ❤️

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