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5+ stars for The Earl Kisses a Thief by Nicki Pascarella #historicalromance #regency #romance #ku #bookreview

Title: The Earl Kisses a Thief

Author: Nicki Pascarella

Genre: Historical Romance, Regency Romance


Book Blurb:


Lady Evangeline Morgan escaped the lecherous marquess only to nearly meet her demise under the wheels of an arrogant gentleman’s carriage. 


The Earl of Trent has been determined to escape marriage, but the angelic-eyed beauty lingering in his thoughts detests him. Even more disconcerting, she is being chased by dangerous men. But, if Alistair can keep her safe, maybe he can convince her to warm his bed the way she heats his temper.


My Review:


A lady on the run from dangerous men consumes Alistair’s every thought. She’s his sweet angel, until she wages war with her tongue. The Earl Kisses a Thief is a classic enemies-to-lovers with a twist. The romance is sweeping with historical accuracy, intrigue, and romantic tension. The characters are fascinating and quite humorous. Once I began, I couldn’t put it down.


Let’s start with the characters. Lady Evangeline is no simpering miss. She’s got class, intelligence, and knows how to defend herself. She uses words and quick wit to disarm men. She’s also very passionate. I connected with her right away and rooted for her until the last page. Alistair is now the Earl of Trent. He’s got a lot riding on his shoulders and the last thing he needs is some infatuation. The rest of the characters add so much to the overall story. Each character has a backstory, voice, and temperament, all inline with the historical period.


The descriptive narration is flawless. Every page I read, Nicki Pascarella describes not only physical details, but the emotional tension and yearning unspoken. There’s one particular scene where Alistair plays Evangeline’s body like he plays the cello. It’s sensual, alluring, seductive, and oh so delicious. As a lover of romance, this brand of descriptive narration is irresistible.


If you’re looking for a historical romance you won’t be able to resist, read The Earl Kisses a Thief. It’ll seduce you in the best possible way.


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


Nicki Pascarella writes Contemporary and Historical romances. She enjoys mixing genres—adding mysteries to steamy small-town romances, or a pinch of paranormal fantasy to her romantic comedies. It’s all about making her readers laugh and fall in love.  


Using her twenty-nine years of experience as a high school teacher and her background in creative writing and journalism, she coaches authors for The MediaCasters. Helping artists break through creative blocks is one of her passions.


When she isn't writing and editing, she reads, runs, and hangs with her husband, daughter, and Shetland sheepdogs. Nicki is also an award-winning belly dancer.


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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