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New Release | The Lady of the Mirrored Lake by @bohemienneivy #fantasyromance #medieval #bookboost

Title The Lady of the Mirrored Lake

Author Jennifer Ivy Walker

Genre paranormal fantasy medieval romance

Publisher The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb

Hunted by the Black Widow Queen, Issylte--a healer with the verdant magic of the forest--must flee Avalon with the two finest knights in the Celtic realm, both wrongly accused of treason. The trio travels to Bretagne, where Issylte heals a critically injured wolf and obtains fiercely loyal, shapeshifting allies.

In mystical Brocéliande, Issylte becomes a warrior priestess of the Tribe of Dana and otherworldly mate of the Blue Knight of Cornwall, discovering with Tristan a passion that transcends all bounds. When she becomes the Lady of the Mirrored Lake, sworn to defend the sacred waters of the Goddess, Issylte must undertake a perilous quest to discover what priceless object lies hidden in its murky depths.

As a nascent evil emerges in a fetid cave, Issylte and Tristan must face a diabolical trio that threatens their lives, their love, and their kingdoms.

Enchanted. Enflamed. Entwined. Can their passion and power prevail?


“When a new priestess is inducted, a warrior is selected to worship the Goddess within her.” Laudine beckoned Tristan, who rose to his feet, all the while staring expectantly at Issylte, his intense eyes aflame.

Issylte’s legs trembled under her gown.

Laudine, her auburn hair glowing in the firelight, announced, “Tristan will complete the final step in your induction into our Tribe.” Holding her gaze with his mesmerizing blue eyes, Tristan strode confidently up to Issylte. The warrior who would welcome her into the Tribe of Dana.

Issylte’s mouth went dry, her legs quivering at his approach. Power emanated from him, a magnetic aura that beckoned with promise. And made her magic sing. Taking Issylte by the hand, he led her away from the campfire, through the woods, to the shore of le Miroir aux Fées.

A shroud of mist enclosed a grassy area near the lake upon which was spread a large white cloth. A small fire crackled nearby, encircled by smooth gray stones. A short distance from the fire, but still within the veil of mist, lay a large flat stone upon which stood two silver goblets and a small vial. All around the perimeter of the enclosed area lay a protective grid of crystals, thrumming with enchantment, glittering in the moonlight, sparkling with starlight.

Leading Issylte inside the circle of mist, Tristan lifted the two goblets, handed one to her, and toasted, “Let us drink to Dana, the Goddess of the Earth.” His eyes smoldered like the flames of the nearby fire. “The Goddess whom I will now worship through you, Issylte. Completing your induction into Her Tribe.”

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Author Biography

As a high school French teacher, I used puppets to illustrate the medieval legend of "Tristan et Yseult" to my French IV students as part of our study of the Middle Ages. We always read the novel in French, listened to the soundtrack from the French musical--doing medieval Breton dances to the Celtic music--and watched the French version of the film with James Franco and Sophia Myles.

I always took my students to the state competition where they performed a French I play I had written, "Yseult la Belle et Tristan la Bête"--a combination of the medieval French legend of "Tristan et Yseult" (Tristan and Isolde in English) with the fairy tale, "Beauty and the Beast".

Last summer, I had an epiphany--to incorporate that play into a trilogy. A retelling of the classic French tragedy of "Tristan et Yseult", blended with my love of medieval knights, Arthurian legends, and dark fairy tales from the enchanted Forest of Brocéliande in la Bretagne (Brittany in English), birthplace of Merlin the Magician, Viviane, the Lady of the Lake, and Lancelot du Lac.

My debut novel, "The Wild Rose and the Sea Raven", and “The Lady of the Mirrored Lake”—book 2 of the trilogy--are a compilation of my years of studying French literature, my numerous trips to France-- exploring troglodyte caves, medieval pilgrimage sites, châteaux of the Loire Valley, Normandy, Bretagne, and Provence--and my love for myths and legends.

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3 comentarios

Jennifer Ivy Walker
Jennifer Ivy Walker
23 ene 2023

Thank you so much for hosting me to feature The Lady of the Mirrored Lake, book 2 of The Wild Rose and the Sea Raven trilogy!!

Me gusta

23 ene 2023

Fabulous read! I highly recommend!

Me gusta

N. N. Light
N. N. Light
23 ene 2023

Thank you, Jennifer Ivy, for sharing your new release with us! I'm reading this now and it's so good!

Me gusta
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