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5+ stars for The Lady’s Risk: A Marriage of Convenience Regency Romance (Conrad Legacy 4) by CK MacKenzie #bookreview #regency #historicalromance #ku #mustread

Title: The Lady’s Risk: A Marriage of Convenience Regency Romance (Conrad Legacy 4)

Author: CK MacKenzie

Genre: Regency Romance, Historical Romance


Book Blurb:


She escaped a doomed betrothal only to find herself unwittingly married to her handsome protector.


Layla Braithwaite didn’t belong anywhere. Born to a British merchant and an Egyptian widow, she lived most her life in the shadows, hidden away. When her mother dies, she finally escapes the family that only saw her as their servant. Little did she know that searching for a way out of Damietta, and an unwanted marriage, would lead her straight into the arms of a British sailor.


Philip Conrad sailed for Damietta to reestablish trade between England and Egypt. Sure, he’d been seeking adventure, but he hadn’t expected a woman to sneak aboard his ship—nor did he expect the pull of attraction. Never one to turn his back on a person in need, he agrees to help her escape the country. But when the man who’s intent on marrying her discovers them together, Philip does the only thing possible.


He marries her himself.


It was not how he intended his stay in Egypt to begin. Layla hadn’t wanted marriage at all, but she isn’t foolish enough to object. When her father’s old business partners reveal their suspicions that her parents were murdered, Layla is determined to find those responsible. The problem? She has no idea how. Luckily, her new husband agrees to walk into this new danger with her.


From a marriage of convenience with a runaway bride to partners in crime.


With each secret they uncover about her family, Layla and Philip grow closer. But will it be enough to last a lifetime? Or will the weight of those secrets bury their marriage before it truly begins?


My Review:


Can a runaway bride find her parents’ murderer before time runs out? Wow, The Lady’s Risk is a Regency romance that took my breath away. The historical accuracy is impressive. The narration is rich in detail while still bringing the emotions. The intrigue related to the suspense subplot captured my interest so that I stayed up late reading. But it’s the characters which make The Lady’s Risk an unforgettable read.


Let’s talk about the characters and why I love them so. Layla is a haunted woman with a lot of secrets. She straddles two worlds (British and Egyptian) yet doesn’t seem to fit in either one. She needs to flee so she escapes onto a British ship. What happens next is an emotional adventure. Layla is a fabulous heroine. My heart melted for her and her plight. Her strength to overcome is inspiring.


Captain Philip is a hero among men. He’s got a strong work ethic, and all his sailors toe the line. Finding a woman on board is unexpected but he sees she’s in danger, so he helps her. Naturally, they fall in love. But that’s just the beginning of the adventure. Philip is definitely book boyfriend material.


I have to speak about the historical accuracy. CK MacKenzie has done her research, and it shows in the writing of this book. Every scene is lush in historical details. Even the dialogue is rich in historical speech. The Lady’s Risk reads like you’re there in the time period. I honestly didn’t want to leave.


If you are a historical romance reader, this is your next read.


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


Regency Romance writer. Prefers the beach. Lover of tea, pizza, and all things Corgi. I update my newsletter every week with way too much research I'll never fit into a book:


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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