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The Lost Wings by Camilla Vavruch is a BHW pick #yafantasy #yalit #fantasy #bookboost #mustread

Title: The Lost Wings

Author: Camilla Vavruch

Genre: YA fantasy

Book Blurb:

A lost princess. A mermaid looking to prove herself. A dragon with peculiar tastes.

The start of an adventure.

Crown Princess Moira of the air country of Aurora is known as the unwilling princess, the one who doesn’t want to rule. A chaotic dinner with foreign dignitaries turns into a furious fight with her mother, and the night ends in catastrophe.

When Moira loses her wings and nearly drowns in the stormy ocean, a woman who should be her enemy rescues her. Water woman Nerida has never been to the surface and isn’t looking for adventure—but she is trying to prove to herself that she’s more than the people around her believe. Add in a lonely dragon, and Moira has some strange traveling companions to help her as she searches for a way to get her wings back and return in time to claim her place in the world she thought she wanted to escape.

Will she succeed? Or will she get not only herself, but her new friends, killed?

Do you love a clean fantasy with mermaids, magic, dragons, and adventure? Then this book is for you—grab your copy today!


Moira froze, her legs going numb for a second—and then she turned and ran for her life. Again. She didn’t care where she was going, only that she got away from the giant brown dragon she’d climbed upon. A dragon!

How unlucky could one person be?

Fear pushed her on, her feet drumming against the ground. She flapped the useless stumps of her wings out of habit, and amidst the maze of trees and branches, old leaves flying up around her, she wished more than ever for her wings. Dragons could fly too, but she would at least have a chance. Large dragons gained speed gradually during ascent while she could be swift. But now, stuck on the ground, she might as well sit down and wait to be caught.

Muffled sounds of giant wings cut through the air. She fought through roots and tore at branches, accumulating new wounds across the freshly healed ones.

Then she flew, but not by her own volition.

An enormous claw grabbed her and lifted her into the air. She screamed, fighting in vain against the iron grip and crying for help even though she knew no one would hear her. Nerida was far away and underwater—and even if she heard, she could do nothing. She couldn’t move on land. She couldn’t fight a dragon.

Moira would become the dragon’s dinner.

After surviving a tumultuous thunderstorm, lightning, and the dangerous depths of the sea, she would face her death in a dragon’s belly.

She wondered whether to laugh at her fate or cry at the upcoming agony. Exhausted, she did neither. She was too cold, the icy winds making it worse.

The dragon set her down in a glade where someone—probably the dragon—had laid large boulders to form a house. Could she slip into a gap between the rocks and escape? As if reading her mind, the dragon’s claws remained around her.

“Please don’t eat me!” Moira shrunk back to make herself as small as possible. “I’m certain I don’t taste any good and I won’t sate you.”

The dragon stared at her while she shivered from fear. And then, it laughed.

Moira perked up, her eyes filled with disbelief.

“No, you wouldn’t satiate me,” the dragon said, still laughing, “and the taste of living beings has never appealed to me.”

Moira stared at the dragon, her heart still beating so hard that she had a hard time hearing her own thoughts. She closed her eyes.

“Hello,” said the dragon.

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Author Biography:

Camilla Vavruch has enjoyed writing since she was a child, and her first longer story was an eight-page short story about two children who ended up on a desert island. Despite the small number of pages, a lot happened to those children.

Since then, she has written a lot. Several novels reside in her drawers, while her fanfic in fandoms such as Harry Potter, NCIS and House, became widespread and gained a lot of popularity. While she studied medicine, she also wrote and illustrated medical notes, ones that still circulate among and help the students.

Today, Camilla works as a doctor at a health care center in Linköping, Sweden, but still spends what little free time she has on writing – on her blog Cosmonomics (Swedish), on her novels, or on books to help others.

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