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The Mountain Knight by Avery Christy is a recommended read #fantasy #fantasyadventure #bookboost

Title: The Mountain Knight

Author: Avery Christy

Genre: Fantasy Action/Adventure

Publisher: Christy Publishing Company

Book Blurb:

Areth Adelbern, Imperial Knight and son of a lord, returns home from war, his heart filled with grief and his only desire to seek peace. But he returns to find his homeland on the brink of its own war as a ruthless enemy builds an army for conquest. Areth’s family is powerless to stop it. Do or die, Areth must race against time to rally an army and survive both foes and his own mistakes to save his homeland and those he loves.


Broker intercepted and dragged the papers across the surface to him. “We are also aware of your financial situation. Which raises the question of how will you pay?”

“Time runs against,” Areth explained hotly. “We only learned the threat was real a few days ago. Unfortunately, the information puts his army at a place where it could move against us any day—we have no time, it seems, to prepare. So yes, we are pursuing this matter with haste. As for payment, this is no light matter—our survival is in question and all resources must be used toward this one end!”

“Your eloquent promises aside, my lord,” Broker replied flatly, “It is my sole occupation to deal with tangibility. If you can show me the coin to pay for this army, then we can prepare and march tomorrow...”

“Our plan for paying,” Jarem chimed in, stepping forward, apparently sensing negotiations were failing as Areth felt, “is to take the offensive and march into Lord Trench’s county and strip from his House whatever necessary to pay.”

Broker thought for a tense moment, stroking his mustache. “That would be acceptable.”

Jarem and Areth shared a shock look. “How would that plan be accepted over others?”

“In our experience, we typically see nobles show a certain exuberance when it comes to stripping their enemies of wealth, and that leads to bounty and generosity when the time comes to pay debts. So yes, we will accept this method of payment from you.”

Areth did not know how to respond, and it seemed Jarem did not either, so both remained silent a moment. For Areth, sealing the deal was the point of no return—the ultimate betrayal of his promise to his father, but also the ultimate act of ensuring the survival of his family, their land, and heritage. His internal debate had become a twisting knife in his gut, and in this moment it was transforming from the thought of sin into committing one.

“So, you are saying we can agree upon a contract for that form of payment?”

Broker slid the paper across the table in front of Areth. “I believe we can begin.”

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Author Biography:

Avery Christy is a full-time writer and outdoorsman with over 20 years of experience in both matters, and is a former journalist and hobby archaeologist. When not writing and editing, he can be found deep in the Rockies, most likely during winter blizzards, wrestling mountain lions and bears.

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