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5+ stars for The Runaway Witch’s Kiss by @jackiebrown20 #paranormalromance #pnr #bookreview

Author: Tamela Miles

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:

Nahla Gregory is a witch on the run from a bad domestic situation. Tomas Castillo, a warlock, has a prepared safe haven for her, while dealing with his own problem, his neutered magickal powers. He’s sworn to protect her and to keep his hands off her, but Nahla is downright tempting. Danger is coming for them and combining their powers may be the only way to survive the storm.

Can Tomas keep Nahla safe, as promised, while she helps him rediscover his long forgotten magick?

My Review:

Can one kiss from a witch on the run save them both? Nahla Gregory escapes an abusive relationship and needs a safe haven. Tomas offers protection from harm, so she agrees. Living in close quarters with him is uncomfortable, especially when all she wants to do is kiss him. She learns of Tomas’ lost powers and thinks she might be able to help him. As their enemies close in, they merge their powers. Can she help Tomas regain his magick? Is it possible Tomas can truly keep her safe from harm and even love her?

The Runaway Witch’s Kiss is an emotional short paranormal romance. From the beginning, my heart went out to both Nahla and Tomas. Having both the hero and heroine come from abusive backgrounds brought an uplifting realism to the story. While The Runaway Witch’s Kiss is short in length, it is overflowing with emotion, attraction, suspense, and magic. The world-building itself is reason enough to read this story. The Runaway Witch’s Kiss is paranormal romance at its very best. The writing is sublime and allowed me to sink into the story. The romantic tension was palpable, and the romance made my heart beat fast. The pacing of the story was even, and I lost track of the time while reading. Just one more page, I kept saying to myself, until there were no more pages to read. If you’re looking for a short paranormal romance, pick up The Runaway Witch’s Kiss. If you’re in need of a getaway, read The Runaway Witch’s Kiss. A brilliant magical story, The Runaway Witch’s Kiss will leave you wanting more. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Tamela Miles is a school psychologist with Ed.S and PPS credential and a graduate of California State University San Bernardino and California State University Dominguez Hills. She is also a former flight attendant. She grew up in Altadena, California in that tumultuous time known as the 1980s. She now resides with her family in the Inland Empire, CA. She's a horror/paranormal romance writer mainly because it feels so good having her characters do bad things and, later, pondering what makes them so bad and why they can never seem to change their wicked ways.

She enjoys emails from people who like her work. In fact, she loves emails. She can be contacted at or her Facebook page, Tamela Miles Books. She also welcomes reader reviews and enjoys the feedback from people who love to read as much as she does.

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On Twitter as @jackiebrown20

Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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