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5 stars for The Texan’s Favor by @dk_deters #historicalromance #westernromance #bookreview

Title: The Texan’s Favor

Author: D.K. Deters

Genre: Historical Western Romance

Book Blurb:

Ambushed, Texas Ranger Jake Fontaine's a dead man until a Kansas spinster raises her shotgun in his defense. Despite the rogue lawman's obsession to bring in his brother's killer, duty demands he escort her to the next town.

Kat Collins is a thief, though an honorable one. She's on the run from controlling kin and aims to escape her past. Traveling with Jake offers the perfect cover—until her uncle finds them sharing a campfire and imposes his own kind of justice—a wedding.

Marriage will cost Jake his freedom, but refusing may cost him his life. Kat figures he's bound to recognize her on a wanted poster. Would sharing passionate nights in his arms be worth the peril?

My Review:

A ranger on a vengeful mission, a thief on the run, can they outrun their pasts or will being caught bring them closer? Texas Ranger Jake is hunting down the murderer who killed his brother in cold blood. Jake almost dies himself at the hands of the criminal’s gang when a beautiful woman shoots his assailants. What is a woman doing unprotected in the middle of Kansas? He offers to protect her while she travels to the next town, yet she scoffs. At him? A Texas Ranger? He persuades her to see his way of thinking and they travel together. Chaos breaks out when her uncle finds them together. Her uncle threatens death until Jake marries her. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. He can’t deny how he feels about Kat. Can he convince her he’s not like her uncle and a life with him will be fulfilling? Or will she run away from him?

The Texan’s Favor is a historical western romance worth reading. From the emotional narration to the lush descriptions, this story will transport you to the old west. I connected with both Jake and Kat immediately. While both harbor secrets, it was enjoyable to watch them squirm as they worked through their issues. This was a classic western setting with vengeance, independence, propriety, and more twists. The plot was perfectly paced with action, intrigue, and romance to keep the reader invested. The action scenes were historically accurate and every nuance was described so it was easy to whip through the pages. The romance took a while to get going but once they kissed, it took off. I loved the tension between these two independent people. It ratcheted up the anticipation and honestly made my romantic heart beat faster. The ending was so good, I wanted to reread the whole story after I finished reading it. I didn’t want to leave the characters or the world D.K. Deters created. If you love historical western romances, pick up The Texan’s Favor. If you secretly want to live as a feisty heroine in the old west, you’ve got to read The Texan’s Favor. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

D. K. Deters is a fantasy and historical romance author. She was a communications consultant before turning to a writing career. Like many historical romance authors, D. K. has a deep interest in history, and the nineteenth century is her favorite. When she's not writing, she enjoys spending time with her adult children and their families. Her hobbies include restoring old dollhouses and second-hand furniture. Christmas is her favorite time of the year.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


D. K. Deters
D. K. Deters
Oct 07, 2021

Thanks, Barbara!


Barbara Bettis
Oct 06, 2021

Great review and delightful excerpt. All the best, D.K.

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