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5 stars for The Trees are Dying by Ed Surma #metaphysical #fiction #fantasy #bookreview

Title: The Trees are Dying

Author: Ed Surma

Genre: Metaphysical Fiction, Metaphysical Fantasy

Book Blurb:

“We must have breakdown before we have breakthrough.” Celtic mythology. Apocalyptic prophecy. Pending destruction. Hope for redemption. The end of the Earth. The chance to save it. The saga of the characters whose lives collide in The Trees Are Dying. Human and Faery confront without and within in their quest to overcome the despair that infects worlds both physical and metaphysical. Whether a company of sidhe, a millennial techie, a Rubenesque Wiccan or frustrated accountant, all are haunted by the events unfolding in their hearts and in their land, as all are baffled by the cockamamie solution presented them. Will the prophecies come true? Is the answer as simple as it sounds? The Trees Are Dying. A Novel for Our Times.

My Review:

The world is at a crossroads with the state of the environment. This is driving people to act - whether a brave teen girl...or some beings who live in the forest.

The Trees are Dying is open to the interpretation of the reader. To this reader, the work seems allegorical. The various beings of color represent the varied thoughts and concerns of people on the planet. Many have felt something must be done to help but struggle to figure out the first step. This crisis is well represented by those in the book like she of Brown and he of Green.

The last line of The Trees are Dying is probably the most important line in the entire work. I will not quote that, you must read this book to find that gem. Original and philosophic in approach. The book really tries to make the problems impacting the world’s environment come alive. It would be a wonderful thing if twelve beings could come out of the forest to explain to mankind that there is a problem. We just need to open our eyes and see what is going on. It shouldn't take fishing in the ocean and catching plastic to wake someone up. Read this book and figure out what it means for you.

An important book considering the state of the environment in 2021.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Ed Surma connects with Nature and the spirits of Earth in Northern Virginia where he currently resides. A forty-year veteran of the high-tech industry, he has now retired from corporate life to pursue his writing and diverse other interests. He crafts Native American-style drums, leading drum circles and drum-making workshops. He studies Celtic and Nordic mythology and spirituality, practicing shamanism, Reiki, and sound meditation. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University (BA, Creative Writing), he has also lived in Austin, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona. He is a member of the National Wildlife Federation and National Audubon Society.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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