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New Release | The Ultimate Village Game by @lizcity77 #cozymystery #womensfiction #bookboost

Title: The Ultimate Village Game

Author: Beth Merwood

Genre: Cozy Mystery/ Suspense / Women’s Fiction

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Book Blurb:

Riddled with guilt and tormented by desire, Lucy Short keeps notes about newcomers to the village, but why? The misfit with the rescue dog has a mysterious past. She’s been biding her time, plotting and scheming, and now she’s determined to get what she deserves. It won’t be straight forward. Someone is sure to be watching her every move, and there seems to be something more sinister going on.

Mr. Lester Senior is dead. The family is in turmoil. The future of the famous village treasure hunt is in doubt, but for Lucy a new world beckons. She must stick to her task. The rewards could be huge, but will there also be a price to pay?


“Did you buy anything?”

“No. Only tea and cake. Oh, and a raffle ticket.”

“Who else was there? Everyone?”

I leaned back against the worktop. “A good turnout. That Amber from the café was there. She was full of herself as usual.”

“There’s something I don’t like about her.” Candy screwed up her nose.

“She was very dressed up,” I said.

“She always is. She goes to the café in clothes you might wear to an opera!”

“She’s new in the village, but she already seems to know everyone.”

“I think she’s only here for the treasure hunt. Mind you, the villagers always say that about people who are new.”

“I suppose they said it about me when I first arrived,” I said.

“But you come from here. You’ve returned to the village. That’s different.”

We spent a little time reminiscing about the treasure hunt. We talked about the most recent hunt. It was always good fun, even though this year’s prize hadn’t been one of the best.

“I wonder what it will be like next year. I’m not sure what’s left of the family will be able to organize much,” Candy observed. “It’s a shame. Some people think there won’t be a hunt at all.”

From what she said, I imagined Candy knew little about the Lesters and the current situation, but then I thought all the locals were keeping their cards close to their chests. People had their own views and their own agendas, they certainly weren’t about to divulge the contents of their minds. That went for me as well. I was planning to keep quiet, lie low, and wait.

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Author Biography:

Beth Merwood is a writer from the south of England. Her debut novel, The Five Things, was published in 2021. The Ultimate Village Game is her second novel.

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