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5+ stars for The Visitor: A Post-Apocalyptic Murder Mystery by @TerryTyler4 #postapocalyptic

Title: The Visitor: A Post-Apocalyptic Murder Mystery

Author: Terry Tyler

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Murder Mystery, Dystopian Fiction

Book Blurb:

In 2024, a mystery virus ravages the entire world. 'Bat Fever' is highly contagious and one hundred percent lethal. A cottage tucked away in an isolated Norfolk village seems like the ideal place to sit out a catastrophic pandemic, but some residents of Hincham resent the arrival of Jack, Sarah and their friends, while others want to know too much about them. What the villagers don't know is that beneath Sarah's cottage is a fully-stocked, luxury survival bunker. A post-apocalyptic 'des res'. Hincham isolates itself from the rest of the country, but the deaths continue―and not from the virus. There's a killer on the loose, but is it a member of the much-depleted community, or somebody from outside? Paranoia is rife, as friend suspects friend, and everybody suspects the newcomers. Most terrifying of all is that nobody knows who's next on the list... The Visitor is Terry Tyler's twenty-second Amazon publication, and is set in the same world as her Project Renova series, while being a completely separate, stand-alone novel.

My Review:

Sarah has no idea what will take place when she inherits her uncle’s cottage in Hincham. She invites her friends Jack, Rexy, and Daisy to join her and they discover beneath the cottage a fully stocked survival bunker. Little does Sarah and her friends realize how much they’ll need the bunker to survive not only the ‘bat fever’ pandemic of 2024 but a killer too. Known only as ‘the visitor’, this killer is slowly murdering people in the village. Who is it and will they catch the killer before the pandemic of 2024 destroys them all?

The Visitor is, hands down, one of the best murder mysteries I’ve ever read. To have a killer on the loose in a small village is horrifying enough but to have it take place when the world is being ravaged by a pandemic? Pure brilliance. Terry Tyler is known for her gripping thrillers and this one ranks as her finest book to date. The plot moves at a steady pace with suspenseful twists and turns I didn’t see coming. The ending’s twist gave me shivers. The characters, though, are what make The Visitor shine. As the story unfolds, we get the chance to see past each character’s façade and determine who is ‘the visitor’ aka the killer. I found myself connecting with several of the characters. It gutted me when two of them died. I hope Terry Tyler doesn’t mind the comparison but The Visitor has the same eerie survival vibe as does Lord of the Flies. If you’re a murder mystery reader, you’ll love The Visitor. If you’re a post-apocalyptic reader, you need to read The Visitor. An absolute must-read for any reader in 2021. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Terry Tyler is the highly acclaimed author of dystopian, post apocalyptic and psychological dramas, who is known for her outstanding characterisation and intriguing plot twists. Her latest book is The Visitor, a post-apocalyptic murder mystery set in the same world as her popular Project Renova series; the UK, year 2024, in which a mysterious virus devastates the world. She is currently at work on Megacity, the third book in the dystopian Operation Galton series, and follows on from Wasteland and Hope, which is set in the UK in the near future.

She is also known for the best selling The Devil You Know (psychological, murder mystery) and The House of York (dark family drama).

She lives in the north of England with her husband.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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