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5 stars for The Young by Nicholas John Powter #fantasy #bookreview #bookboost

Title: The Young

Author: Nicholas John Powter

Genre: Fantasy

Book Blurb:

A father and his son home has been attacked by a mysterious man, an omen a sinister presence has come about the lands of The Deluge, the great sun gods know as the Phrazon mur guide and protect the inhabitants who are awake during the day while the evil creatures and man alike come to fruition during the night. For that where the great evil moon gods come up out of hiding. A Religious cult known as the Spawn and their most prestigious leader Roland seek to extract the power of the moon gods and destroy the sun gods and plummet the world into but darkness and sorrow. Our two unlikely protagonist must go on a journey to stop them and free their lands from both the gods and the cults grasp. As somewhat reluctant they may be, they will set out on a task of many dangers and one most foreign to them. A journey of family, love, loss violence and devastation, divinity and faith.

My Review:

I have never read anything like this before. Its originality breaks new ground and leaves the reader wanting more. The premise, world-building, and characters create an unmatched story.

The world-building is filled with details and takes the story into new areas not seen in fantasy books. The universe the author conceives is original and believable. I know it’s a total fantasy but trust me, you’ll be a believer too after reading this book.

The action scenes are well thought out and pulls the reader in. A couple of times my breath caught. Good job.

The characters are well written with their own backstory. The characters are easy to follow thanks to the deep POV.

The story moves at a nice clip with enough to keep readers entertained for hours.

An original story you won’t soon forget.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

I think I have unique and interesting stories to tell and likewise a storyteller in general, I think have a lot to say about life in general and I think I could even quite possibly teach the reader a thing or two.

Reviewed by: Kris


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