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5+ stars for Time of the Wolf by @JulieDarcy57 #timetravel #fantasyromance #bookreview

Title: Time of the Wolf

Author: Julie A. D’Arcy

Genre: Time Travel Fantasy Romance

Book Blurb:

Sent by the Mage Brekan, Keilah, outlawed Princess of Carrum Bahl travels back in time to seek out Radin Hawk, the reincarnation of an ancient warrior king. She is not prepared for the strong feelings she has for him or the feeling of familiarity. Radin is always game for a good fight, but when the battle risks the woman who reminds him of his lost love he is not sure the price is worth it. But how can he leave her undefended to return to his own time? They follow Brekan on his quest to defeat Anya the Sorceress Queen and right an ancient wrong. But wonder what he is hiding. Can they trust their feelings and each other or are they just pawns in a larger game?

My Review:

Can a love through the ages right an ancient wrong? Mage Brekan sends Keilah back in time to find Radin Hawk. She's an exiled princess and he's a reincarnated ancient warrior king. The mission is clear, or is it? She can't deny her feelings for him and his for her. Can they defeat Anya the Sorceress Queen and finish their quest? What about their lost love? Can they trust each other and Brekan or are they merely cogs in a dastardly game?

Time of the Wolf is a breathtaking time travel romance I couldn't put down. I instantly connected with Keilah and her quest. Radin is a classic hero yet his vulnerability makes him irresistible to the reader. There's a lot of action, magic, passion, intrigue in Time of the Wolf. These elements blend together with a gripping plot to make Time of the Wolf an exceptional read. From the characters to the action scenes to the magical realism to the love of the ages, it all had me whipping through the pages until the very end. Fans of Patricia Briggs will love this time travel fantasy romance. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Julie A. D’Arcy grew up reading the likes of Lord of the Rings, Once and Future King, and every fairy-tale she could get her hands on. Later on falling in love with the works of David Gemmell, Terry Brooks, and Johanna Lindsey. As a child, she spent hours drawing and writing stories to accompany the pictures she drew. Graduating from writing short stories and poems as a teenager, often being asked to include poems in the school magazine. With her love of both the Fantasy and the Romance genres, her love of books prompted her to try her hand at writing her own novel. Her first book, Time of the Wolf, was published in 1999 and went on to win the 1999 Dorothy Parker RIO Award for Women’s fantasy fiction. She was also runner up in the Australian RWA Ruby Award, the U.S.A, PEARL AWARD, and the SAPPHIRE AWARD. (Time of the Wolf has been submitted to The Wild Rose Press and will be re-released in late 2020) Julie A. D’Arcy has published seven full-length novels, and four novellas, and a 5,000 M/M romance. She has just finished a sequel to “The Cross of Tarlis.” Which will soon be released by The Wild Rose Press. She lives in rural Victoria, Australia with her two spoiled Oriental cats, Alara and Keelah while running a small Airbnb. She has a love of travel, and has visited the UK, Asia, and many European countries and hopes to one day visit the U.S. Julie has two lovely daughters and two adorable grandchildren.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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