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5++ stars for Tree Pose by Susan Rogers and John Roosen #bookreview #mystery #suspense #romanticthriller #romanticadventure #tasmania

Title: Tree Pose

Author: Susan Rogers and John Roosen

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Romance, Thriller, Adventure


Book Blurb:


Escape to Tasmania they said … But what was supposed to be a dream for Ric Peters and Elaina Williams has turned into a nightmare.


The Devil’s Island is living up to its name, serving up the ghosts of its dark past, while Ric is haunted by his own demons. The truth is unravelling, and death is closing in from all sides. And now, it's stalking Elaina.


Ric's past is catching up to him, with a vengeful man seeking retribution for a catastrophic blunder in Indonesia. Ric has kept a secret hidden from Elaina, fearing that she will not … cannot, forgive him. That after all they’ve been through, he’s not the man she believes him to be.


In the shadows, a hitman lurks … waiting for the time to strike, unafraid of collateral casualties.


As corrupt officials pull strings and innocents are sold, Ric and Elaina’s life together is threatened. Detective Inspector Jack McMasters races against time to piece together the clues before it's too late.


A sociopath and an anguished man are closing in. As the lightning strikes, the uncertainties remain … revenge, redemption, or devastation?


Tree Pose is delivered hot with twists and turns, mixed with secrets and attractions, tossed with suspense and revenge, then blended with classic storytelling.


The third book in the Yoga Mat Mysteries series takes readers on a thrilling ride through the beautiful and mysterious island of Tasmania, Australia. The story follows Dead Man's Pose, set in Sydney, and Cobra Pose, set in Brisbane.


BUY Tree Pose for a captivating mystery with murders, ghosts, and a past that won't stay buried.


My Review:


A fun adventure to Tasmania turns into a death trap for Ric and Elaina. Ric’s past delivers a ruthless hitman hellbent on eliminating his target. Will Ric and Elaina escape a madman’s revenge trap? Tree Pose is an edge of your seat suspense set in lush Tasmania. I’ve never been to Tasmania but after reading Tree Pose, I feel like I’ve experienced all there is to see and do there. The descriptive narration is exceptional and immersive. The world-building and plot progression had me whipping through the pages. I couldn’t stop reading. Tree Pose is a feast for readers who crave mystery/suspense.


Let’s talk about these characters. This is book three in the series, and I’ve gotten attached to these characters. Ric leads a double life and eventually he’ll need to share his secrets with Elaina. I love Ric. He’s a wonderful hero who has done some very bad things. Can he atone or will he be forced to be alone? He’s got an amazing personality and is accurately written.


Elaina is a soothing character. She brings out the best in others. She cares for Ric but something is holding him back. Can she wait for him to open the floodgates and let her in? An interesting paradox.


The rest of the characters (both good and bad) are well-written with deep POVs so you really get immersed into each character. I found the bad guys just as fascinating as the good people.


The writing is flawless, which is no surprise. These authors write not only from experience, but with such detail, it’s like the read becomes a part of the adventure.


Fans of Dean Koontz, Faye Kellerman and Lincoln Child will love this book. If you can’t get enough of high-octane suspense, you have to read this book.


My Rating: 5++ stars


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Author Biography:


What do a woman, who used to train military personnel how to shoot straight, and a man, skilled at eradicating all sorts of hazardous materials safely, have in common? Both were designated law enforcement officers and they have now written three ‘knock ’em dead’ books and produced three audiobooks … together!


Susan Rogers

Susan Rogers already knew she was a writer at age six, but as an adult she took a major detour in becoming a commissioned naval officer and  a designated law enforcement officer. She has conducted sting operations, run extensive weapons training programs and directed the restoration of a Presidential yacht. In between, she has written a number of  books. Susan’s work has taken her into  government operations in the United States, Australasia, the South Pacific and the Middle East.  She has  run health and safety operations for multi-billion-dollar projects in Abu Dhabi and worked for engineering and environmental firms in the Middle East on projects across the region.  She also  revamped a South Pacific maritime service with responsibilities for local trade vessels and an international fleet servicing the maritime industry. Susan continues to write: whether braced against the hull of a sailing vessel on a hard tack, during a crossing of the Middle East’s empty quarter in a Mini, or bouncing around in a troop carrier in Australia’s outback. 


John Roosen

John Roosen started his career as a biologist, served as a commissioned naval officer, designated law enforcement officer  and environmental emergency specialist in the United States, and has lived and worked in Australasia, the Americas, Antarctica and the Middle East. At a moment’s notice, he would respond to chemical and refinery plant explosions, deal with rocket fuel plant meltdowns and dismantle illegal drug labs.  John worked in the Middle East on a number of projects in Iraq, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and several conflict zones and other locations.  As a change-up, John switched careers to chasing pirates and dueling with a con artist extraordinaire on a remote South Pacific island as the Commissioner of Maritime Affairs. In between, he organised jungle expeditions and deep-sea scuba diving. However, John’s experience extends beyond responding to cataclysmic disasters and includes mastering the intricacies of making soufflé omelettes without burning the edges.


After writing Surviving Paradise about their life in the South Pacific, John and Susan created the concept of their mystery series. Dead Man’s Pose is first in the Yoga Mat Mysteries’ line-up with a Sydney setting. Cobra Pose is the second in the YMM series and based in Brisbane. This was followed by Tree Pose set in the deep, dark and mysterious Tasmania. Coming soon is Warrior Pose with a New Zealand setting.


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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