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4.75 stars for Weather and Beasts and Growing Things #experimentalspecfiction #specfic #bookreview

Title: Weather and Beasts and Growing Things

Author: Charlotte Suttee

Genre: Experimental Speculative Fiction

Book Blurb:

In 2079, Stevven Pane (they/them) operates an unsanctioned GreenRoof, an urban garden atop a condemned apartment on the coast of South Carolina. The city seeks to evict Stevven, along with nine-year-old Eli, “Earther” Gino, gossip magazine journalist Barbara, and BluBerry, a sentient plant. When this motley crew is forced to navigate a neoliberal cyberpunk urban landscape, miles of abandoned highways riddled with oil cults and cannibals, and swamps of uncanny critters in the hopes of reaching a new home, the last place Stevven ever trusted is the University grounds nestled in the foothills of Tennessee.

My Review:

The perfect book for the time. I can't be the only person who is sick of reading about the world right now. If it's not inflation, it's suffering and war. If you are ready to just step out of the harshness of the world and disappear into something else, read this book. This book is like a breath of fresh air. You can just lose yourself in this story. I totally did and you will too.

Incredibly original. The world-building is something you have to see for yourself. Totally bizarre but somehow calming to read about. The writing is also almost unlike anything else out there. My boss said sounds a bit like Bradbury. I can say that then. If you are a fan of classic Bradbury you will like this. If there is a slight issue, then it's that the appeal for this might be limited. It takes a certain mind set to get the writing. Not everyone may want to do that.

A pretty brilliant work, nonetheless. If you are sick and tired of today's sad world, read this book and set your mind adrift!

My Rating: 4.75 stars

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Author Biography:

Experienced creative writer, proofreader, and interdepartmental collaborator with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education and the creative communication industry. Exploring as a digital nomad and writing a second novel. Workshopping, translating, and looking for a professional community while maintaining ample hours for gardening.

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Reviewed by: Rudy


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