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We're Moving Where?! by @gblackwellbooks is a BHW pick #mglit #middlegrade #kidlit #giveaway

Title: We’re Moving Where?!

Author: Glen Blackwell

Genre: Children’s/Middle Grade

Publisher: Zoetrope Books

Book Blurb:

When Harry's mum and dad tell him that they will be moving to a cabin in the Canadian wilderness, his first thought is about leaving his friends behind. He then finds out that there will be NO INTERNET!!! Join Harry on the adventure of a lifetime and find out how he adapts when everything he is used to changes overnight...


Jess slid the top magazine from the pile over to Harry – it was open on a double page spread showing a log cabin in the middle of a forest. “Harry – Dad’s been offered a new job and we’re going to move to Canada to live in a cabin like this”, she said with a slightly nervous smile.

“We’ll be living in a tent to start with”, added Mark, “then we’ll build our own cabin where I can work too.” He flipped back a page in the magazine to show the inside of a cosy looking log cabin. “This is what it will look like – all made of wood with proper rooms and everything.”

Harry smiled – it did sound exciting but then he thought about his friends at school, how he was going to leave them in 2 weeks time and not see them for ages. “Mum, what will happen about my friends? I won’t see Karl and Bethany any more…” With that, a big tear rolled down Harry’s cheek, followed by another one. He snuggled into Jess, who put her arm round him even tighter.

“Don’t worry Harry, I know it doesn’t feel easy right now and you’re worried about your friends and your life here”, she said, giving him a kiss on the head. “We’re all going to miss people and it will be difficult to stay in touch to begin with. The phone signal isn’t very strong and we won’t have access to the Internet.”

“WHAT?!”, wailed Harry, pulling away from Jess and turning to look at her. “No Internet?” “How will we do anything?! I won’t be able to chat with my friends or watch videos online. This is going to be awful!”

“It’s alright Harry”, Mark stepped in now. “I’ll be getting a satellite phone which will let us make calls and send emails. It won’t be the same but we can teach you how to email Karl and Bethany so you can stay in touch. Once the cabin is built and we’ve got solar panels working, we can get a proper Internet connection and that will make things feel more normal.”

“Come on now, say good night to Dad, it’s probably time for bed”, Jess took Harry’s hand and led him upstairs to clean his teeth. As Harry put on his pyjamas and got into bed, his mind was still whirling – 2 weeks until we leave to go to Canada and there won’t be any Internet…

Buy Links:

Giveaway: I’m one of the authors participating in the Resolve to Read More Books Giveaway and you can win a print copy of We’re Moving Where?! by Glenn Blackwell (US/CA/UK only).

Runs January 4 - 31 and is open internationally for most prizes. Winners will be drawn on February 1, 2021.

Author Biography:

Glen Blackwell lives in Suffolk, England. He has a career in finance and We’re Moving Where?! is his first book. Inspired by bedtime reading with his 3 daughters, Glen loves to bring stories to life for young readers.

Social Media Links:

Twitter - @gblackwellbooks

Instagram - @gblackwellbooks

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
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Thank you, Glen, for sharing your book with us. It sounds like such a great book!

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