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5 stars for What She Didn’t Know by Dorothea Anna #sistersfiction #womensfiction #bookreview

Title: What She Didn’t Know

Author: Dorothea Anna

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Sisters Fiction, Sibling Fiction

Book Blurb:

Growing up with an alcoholic abusive father, Michaela, Gloria, and Seraphima carry deep internal wounds into adulthood that taint their relationships. When a tragic event shatters their world and a long-held family secret is discovered, will they find a way to repair their broken ties and heal from the past?

My Review:

A family drama saga that will just resonate with all who stream these kinds of shows. The three sisters are all victims of horrible family abuse. The author shows how badly this abuse impacts victims. The three show how long term the impact of the abuse is and how it just goes on and on. The eldest sister has such a miserable outlook, but it is all explained by her upbringing.

I told my boss all about this book and he said it seems to put the Ma in Drama. The book will make a reader cry then will make a reader laugh. A family saga that needs to be read by all.

Human spirit once again wins out against terrible odds. Powerfully written with in-depth characters. A book that family saga fans will buy. A powerful family drama that will appeal to all fans of that genre.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Dorothy Robey writes predominantly under her pen name Dorothea Anna. She writes mostly women's fiction that usually includes one or more of the following: a dash of romance, humor, suspense, and a good dose of Greek Orthodox Christian traditions. She lives with her family in beautiful Colorado.

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Reviewed by: Rudy


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