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5+ stars for When Harry Killed Sally by @Beth__Henderson #cozymystery #paranormal #bookreview

Title: When Harry Killed Sally

Author: Beth Henderson

Genre: Paranormal Cozy Mystery, Comedic Mystery

Book Blurb:

WHEN HARRY KILLED SALLY, the cops got it wrong! Emmalyst Whichur knew there was no way Harry had killed her godmother. Harry adored Sally. But the evidence pointed right at him. As an investigative reporter, though freshly out of a job, Lyst had not only the chops to look into things, she had the time. In any case, she needed to be in Killaman Falls. Even though it was nearly the last place on Earth she would have chosen to be. And not just because killers were apparently loose in the minuscule mountain town. Connor Wolfe knew his friend Harry hadn’t killed Sally Whichur either, but there was that damning evidence. As the official non-paid liaison for the sheriff’s department in Killaman Falls, New Hampshire, at least he had an “in” with law enforcement. But he had further problems to deal with, one of them being springing Harry before the Full Moon arrived. If he was still incarcerated then, a well-kept secret the two of them shared would be out in the open. Sally had been an expert secret keeper herself though. Connor knew nothing of Sally’s life prior to arriving in Killaman Falls, and Lyst knew nothing about it prior to Sally’s arrival at the commune where Lyst had been born. Could Sally’s mysterious past have caught up with her? Or was the answer to her murder closer to home? When Emmalyst Whichur met Connor Wolfe, it was a sleuthing match in the making. And possibly a bit more. After all, in Killaman Falls, if a witch and a werewolf walk into the same bar, things really can't be the same ever again. When Harry Killed Sally is the first book in the Whichur-Wolfe Detection series.

My Review:

The last place Lyst thought she’d find herself in is Killaman Falls but maybe it’s where she’s meant to be. When investigator reporter Lyst Whichur gets word of her godmother’s murder, she’s suddenly available. Is the universe telling her something? The police claim Harry killed Sally but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Lyst knows Harry loved Sally. Lyst teams up with Connor Wolfe to free Harry before the full moon and root out the real killer. Maybe the key to solving Sally’s murder lies not in Killaman Falls but from before Sally arrived, a past shrouded in mystery. Connor and Lyst make a great detecting team and it’ll be up to them to sniff out the truth before it’s too late.

When Harry Killed Sally is a quirky paranormal cozy mystery I couldn’t put down. Let’s start with the title… such a fun twist on a classic rom com. I read the book just for the title alone. From the beginning, it was clear to this reader it was going to be a humorous story. The comedic narration was spot-on with plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor. The characters were offbeat with plenty of personality. The plot moves at a nice cozy pace with two main characters who play well off of each other. I thoroughly enjoyed reading When Harry Killed Sally and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. Brilliantly written with an original concept to the series, When Harry Killed Sally is sure to please both mystery and paranormal readers. Not your average cozy, When Harry Killed Sally is a must-read. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Beth Henderson is best known for writing romantic comedy and historical romantic mystery, but she also writes urban fantasy PI mystery comedy as J.B. Dane. How could the two genres not decide to run together? Henderson’s first novel was published in 1990 and since then only life itself has slowed down her output occasionally. When Harry Killed Sally is her 33rd novel, though she’s written under a number of pseudonyms over the years. She’s already warned family members that if, when in her dotage, she begins talking about various heroes in her stories as though they were real, it’s because . . . well, maybe they are! Keep up with upcoming releases under all her names via a visit to

Social Media Links:

Twitter: @Beth__Henderson

Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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