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5 stars for When Kenedy Strangled Brisco by @Beth__Henderson #cozymystery #paranormal #bookreview

Title: WHEN KENEDY STRANGLED BRISCO (Whichur-Wolfe Detection, #3)

Author: Beth Henderson

Genre: Cozy Paranormal Mystery

Book Blurb:

THE GRIM REAPER CONTINUES TO HANG OUT IN KILLAMAN FALLS! The dynamic . . . well, maybe mismatched, mystery solving duo of journalistic witch Emmalyst Whichur and dashing werewolf Connor Wolfe are back on the case when a self-aggrandizing designer of women’s apparel is found strangled under strange circumstances. Strange because he was strangled twice. And there’s a chance that a werewolf is the murderer. Or not. The more digging Lyst and Connor do, the more likely it appears that Saltikoff Pharmaceuticals is behind the murder. Could be Lyst’s recently resurfaced biological father did the hit. Could be Brisco Abernathy’s husband, Kenedy Zahn, did it. With Abernathy’s celebrity status driving things, journalists throng to the mountain, among them two former colleagues of Lyst’s. Ones she definitely sees as rivals even if she’s between jobs, still dealing with her late aunt’s estate. Considering Zahn is a hunter with a pack of dogs, there should be plenty of canines for Connor to interview, except the most recently acquired hounds greet him with threats to rip his throat out. Definitely not the type of welcome he’s ever received from mutts at any time in his 170 years. Dire circumstances are ahead! Lyst and Connor have solved two previous murders in record time, but can they work the same miracle a third time?

My Review:

This has to be one of the best series of cozies going today. This third installment simply keeps the story flowing forward. In some ways, this little town in the Hampshire Mountains is as deadly to live in as Cabot Cove.

The tumultuous relationship between Lyst and Connor makes one want to howl! The heat that comes here reminds people of the Dog Days of August. The interplay between the two POVs really works in this book.

The mystery is a solid one that will keep even veteran mystery readers guessing. The secondary characters are full and rich. This includes those on four legs too. Fun but exciting. Light but serious. Easy going and intense. This series has something for everyone. This book is made for fans of this series. This book is made for fans of this author. Another winner in this series. One can't help but wait for book 4.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Beth Henderson has always loved mystery and currently she writes quite a lot of it, just under various names. Connor Wolfe isn’t the only one answering to more than one moniker. Henderson’s first published novel was a romantic suspense comedy, released in May 1990. Since then, she’s worn a variety of names and has over 30 novels, 9 novellas, 16 short stories, and the numbers keep growing. She also writes non-fiction about writing genre fiction. There are very few genres she hasn’t taken a fancy to when it comes to spinning tales. If you enjoyed When Curtsey Knifed Sammy, you might take a look at The Raven Tales, which are urban fantasy PI comedic mystery with far more characters who have enhanced capabilities or are simply not human in the least. You’ll find these are written under Henderson’s J.B. Dane pseudonym. For information on other currently available titles and future releases, visit

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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