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New Release | Writer Shed Stories – Love and Sacrifice by @LBJohnson8 et. al. #newrelease #99cents

Title Writer Shed Stories – Love and Sacrifice

Writers in this edition: Geralyn Hesslau Mcgrady, Rob Armstrong, Veryan Williams Wynn, Gale Acuff, Juliana Johnson, Nick Young, Jeannine Burgdorf, Cyn Kitchen, Jillian Quist, Barbara Yauss, Suzanne Eaton, James W. Gaynor, Suzy Jackson, Bill Mathis, LB "Brigid" Johnson. David W. Berner Editor

Genre Short Stories

Publisher Writer Shed Press

Book Blurb

WRITER SHED STORIES Vol. 2 LOVE & SACRIFICE is a collection of short fiction, memoir, poetry, and creative nonfiction from authors all over the world. The aim of Writer Shed Press is to offer stories that leave lasting impressions, words that linger long after you've read them. WRITER SHED STORIES is published annually by Writer Shed Press and edited by award-winning author David W. Berner.

Excerpt from LB "Brigid" Johnson:

And we talked, late into the nights, sipping a finger of whiskey, the sound of the wind chimes he crafted as a hobby tinkling from outside. We did not talk of his days under the ocean as a Submariner or my days aloft as an airline pilot. He talked about how much he missed our Mom and how he hoped Dad would live to be 100. We shared our memories, especially those as we ran as children along the edge of the waters, along the rim of the earth as though we and we alone, were its inhabitants and guardians. We talked of those days along the shores of the water, the floors of the forest, the things we unearthed, rocks and sticks and shells, and even occasional bone and brass. Some of those things found their way home, others were left where they lay, left as future treasure.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Nov 20, 2020

Thank you to all the writers and David Berner for sharing your new release with us. It sounds fantastic!

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